"Chi chi..." Accompanied by an especially loud and shrill scream, the last squirrel finally fell under Tomy's blade. Wiping away the sweat on her forehead, Tomy could not help but heave a sigh of relief. She had expected to finish the task in a year, but it had taken her half a year to do so, which was way beyond her budget. It couldn't be said that the Tomy sisters were weak, it was just that everyone had underestimated the reproduction ability of the Squirrel. Although they had wasted one and a half years of time here, fortunately Tomy and the others were enjoying the treatment of being a part of the Great trade road. Within a large amount of massacres, although there weren't any profound battle skills, basic battle skills could be said to be thoroughly tempered. Aren't all supreme techniques made from combination of basic battle skills? Waving his hand to remove the blood on his blade, Tomy casually sheathed her blade back into its scabbard and called out loudly: "Alright, sisters. Everyone pack up and prepare to return to the inn!" Hearing Tomy's words, all the girls all kept their weapons, their eyes shining with excitement, they all gathered towards Tomy. After so long, they could finally see young master again! Along the way back to the relay station, Tomy directly brought everyone there and found the station master. Looking at the old station master whose face was filled with wrinkles, Tomy said anxiously, "Station Master, we have already eliminated the Squirrel group, now … Shouldn't you keep your promise and send us to Young Master? " "This …" After hesitating for a moment, he looked at Tomy, and said bitterly: "Sorry, your young master, we have already entered the third trial. You should all know, the third trial is a vast ocean, we are unable to accurately grasp your young master's whereabouts, so … Unless they pass the third trial, we will not be able to send you through. " Frowning tightly, Tomy said angrily: "We do not care about that, there are troubles and difficulties, and that is your Business Road Office's matter. Since we have completed our mission, you all must honor your promises, if not, do you all want to break your promises?" "This …" Wiping the sweat on his forehead, the station head bitterly smiled and said, "We did not expect this. Your young master never stops on land, he leaves immediately after loading the goods. We didn't have any time to contact him, you see …" Facing the Station Master who had a troubled expression, Tomy took a deep breath and said, "Alright, then tell me, what should we do now? Are we just going to wait? " Wiping the sweat on his forehead, the webmaster helplessly said: "I'm afraid that we can only wait. It's not that we don't want to help, it's just that we have the heart to!" "Humph!" Hearing the Station Master's words, Tomy coldly snorted, and said unhappily: "According to your words, if Young Master is in the third trial for one year, we will have to wait for another year. If Young Master is in the third trial for ten years, then we will have to wait for ten years, right?" "This..." Hearing Tomy's words, the station head couldn't help but sweat profusely, but he had no choice but to continue nodding his head. Seeing this scene, Tomy was finally angered, and suddenly slammed the table. Tomy said loudly: "The reason we accepted this mission is because you all can send us directly to Young Master's side, but now you all are telling me, even though this mission is completed, the reward for this mission cannot be given to us. Could it be that Business Road Office is an organization that goes back on its words?" Looking coldly at the Station Master, Tomy gasped for breath and said: "Right now, young master might be going through a huge trial, but I can feel that he needs our help. Let me ask you all, if young master returns back to the ocean because we didn't arrive in time, what responsibility would you have for the business road? What do you have to compensate us? " Under Tomy's pressure, the station head wiped off his sweat and said in a sorry state, "This is, after all, an oversight from our Business Road Office, and we will do our best to compensate you. However, to find your Young Master right away is truly impossible, we are not gods, and there are many things that we cannot do!" "Alright then …" Slightly nodding, Tomy lowered his voice and said: "Now you can say it, how are you going to compensate us?" "Hmm …" After thinking for a while, the station head said, "From now on, your team will be free from any test and enter or leave any checkpoint. What do you think?" "Oh!" Looking at the Station Master excitedly, Tomy said in pleasant surprise: "So that means, our Young Master can also pass with us?" "No, no, no..." Shaking his head violently, the station head said firmly: "You are two teams. Your young master's team has not completed this mission and can't be assigned to your team. Therefore, this discount is limited to your team." "Tsk …" Tomy curled his lips in disdain and said with disdain: "You basically don't have any compensation like that. Did you give us a pretty good compensation because you knew that we would follow by Young Master's side? "To us, there is no difference whether we have it or not!" Wiping the sweat off his forehead, the station head continued, "Also, in order to get you and the young master together as soon as possible, we will send you directly to the bottom of the third trial. As long as your young master reaches the bottom, you will be able to see him as soon as possible. "No way!" Tomy resolutely shook his head, and strongly shook his head as he said, "If it's only this kind of thing, then a year and a half ago, we would have just gone ourselves. I think … In such a long time, even if we were to look for him ourselves, we should have already found him, right? Didn't you want us to return to the original location? "This is equivalent to me helping you complete a mission for nothing, wasting a year and a half without any benefits." Hearing Tomy's words, the station head could not help but laugh bitterly. In this one and a half year, these girls had eaten countless Magic fruit s, just how much money was that? No matter how much the Magic fruit was worth, and how many times he insisted that it was not something he wanted, no one could do anything about it. Furthermore, a year and a half ago, when he accepted this mission, Tomy had already declared this point, so it was not a threat. Looking at the Station Master's thoughtful expression, Tomy laughed and said, "How about this, since you have not found Young Master, then you must compensate us for the time we waste. Following the principle of Adventure union breaking the contract by three times, since we have worked for you for a year and a half, then within the next five years, you must supply us with thirty six sister Magic fruit!" "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" He opened his mouth in shock, and the station head shook his head violently, "That's impossible! This is absolutely impossible, there has never been a precedent like this, and it is impossible for the higher ups to approve it. At most, it will only be able to provide your Magic fruit s for three years. "Good!" So what if it's three years? We have a deal! " Without waiting for the station head to finish speaking, Tomy spoke flatly. "Ahhh!" Hearing Tomy's words, the station head realized that he had revealed his identity. Now that he wanted to change the timing, how could he have the time to do so? Amidst his shock, Tomy smiled and said: "Alright, let's do it this way then, in the future … We don't need any tests, we can freely pass any level. And … In a week's time, you have to send us to the bottom of the third stage! " "Plop …" He sat down on the chair, and even though the webmaster's mouth was trembling, he was unable to say a single word. In reality, the condition that Tomy had given out was the limit of what the boss had given him, so above that, there was no need to talk about everything. Even if he had lost his reputation, he did not have to worry about it. Three years of Magic fruit, that was an astronomical amount of money. He could buy more than three of them even with the help of the Underworld King's helmet. The morning of the second day, Tomy and the rest of the thirty-six sisters rode on their Goblin airship and rushed to the bottom of the third stage. At the same time, Soga finally arrived at the place that was full of agates — — Beiye Island!
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