Just as he woke up, Soga subconsciously touched the side. It might sound hard to believe, but in reality, although the two of them slept in the same cabin, on the same bed and even under the same blanket for an entire night, nothing happened. Under Mya's consoling words, Soga beautiful went into deep sleep, and when he suddenly woke up, Soga felt that his brain was clearer than ever before, as if he had ways to overcome all the difficulties. But after searching in the cabin for a long time, Soga could not find Mya. While he was stunned, a burst of crashing sounds came from the table, and when he turned his head in shock, he saw a white slip of paper being pressed on the table by a teacup, and under the blowing wind, it made a few sounds. Soga suspiciously sat up on the bed and casually grabbed the slip of paper. He carefully read it and after a look, Soga abruptly stood up … From Mya: Little fool, I'm leaving … Don't look for me, I don't want to destroy your team, because I know that if you want to realize your dream, you have to rely on your comrades for help. Mya doesn't want to be a burden, and even more so, isn't willing to be a Destroyer. Let's not talk about these unhappy things anymore. You … you are still too young now, and even though I was already at your lips, but you hugged me and slept through the night, not doing anything at all. This causes me to be extremely unsure of myself, although I am older than you, I don't want to be your mother! Alright, I won't say anymore, don't worry about Mya. Mya will take good care of herself, once you're older, more mature, and have found a way to solve this problem, Mya will definitely come back. Mya is a mature woman, and she doesn't want to create trouble for you. You better work harder! Trembling, he held the letter for a long time … Soga suddenly burst out the door, crazily rushing to the deck, he grabbed the captain and said: "Hey! Has anyone left the boat this morning?" "Eh?" Puzzled, the captain looked at Soga and said: "No! How could anyone leave the ship without your orders? Even if someone escapes, I will inform you immediately! " Soga let go of her hands in disappointment. Soga knew that although he had never personally experienced Mya's ability, if she were able to get close to him by hiding from him, no one would notice if she wanted to leave. After thinking for a while, Soga said in a deep voice, "Alright, now you go and check if there is one less lifeboat on the ship and report back immediately!" Hearing Soga's words, the captain did not dare delay, and personally led the sailors to investigate, and very quickly … The captain came running back, sweating. "I'm sorry, there's one less lifeboat. I don't know when it happened, but I'm sure someone has been watching us all this time!" "Sigh …" After letting out a long sigh, Soga shook his head: "Forget it, this is not your fault. If she were to leave, how would you notice? Go down. Just keep a good guard." Hearing Soga's words, the captain wiped the sweat off his forehead in a sorry state, and anxiously turned to run away. Soga had always been amiable towards others, but no one would think that Soga was a coward that could be bullied! On the road, although they had only met one big battle, small-scale harassment had never stopped. Even though Soga looked like a baby face and was only eighteen and a half years old, he was no later than anyone else in terms of ruthlessness. Regardless of whether it was the captain or the crew, they could see Soga ruthlessly exterminating teams after teams of pirates every day, not leaving a single one alive. However, although Soga treated his enemies coldly than they would in the winter, he was still extremely forgiving of his own people. Working on Soga's boat for a month, had earned him more than a year's worth of income, and on top of that … Soga never punished any of the crew members, and no crew member dared to cause trouble on Soga's boat. Returning to the cabin, Soga blankly sat on the boat, and blankly stared at the ocean outside. Soga had always felt that he had been doing very well, that everything was within his grasp. However, through this incident, Soga suddenly discovered that there were many things in this world that he could not grasp. In the evening, Soga once again sent out a signal to gather Xiang Yun, Nico, and Roger. The four once again sat around the circular table, and Xiang Yun and Roger continued to chat and laugh as usual. After a long while, Xiang Yun tried to speak: "Boss, why didn't I see Mya? Is she sick? " "Sigh …" Sighing faintly, Soga said in a heavy voice, "No … She is not sick, she has already left! " Hearing Soga's words, Nico suddenly raised her head and looked at Soga in shock. At the same time, Soga turned his head and stared straight into Nico's eyes, "Nico, perhaps … I ignored your feelings before, but. I really didn't mean it, I don't know, I really don't know … " Hearing Soga's words, Nico's body couldn't help but tremble, her eyes quickly turned red, and she silently lowered her head. Nico painfully closed her eyes, who could she blame? Who told her not to say anything? If she didn't say anything and just sat there thinking, no one else would know. Although she had interacted with Soga for a long time, she had never displayed any signs of liking Soga, and only secretly liked him. It was not that she did not have the chance, it was just that she did not have the chance to grasp and cherish these opportunities. Nico knew that Soga still cared about her. Otherwise, he wouldn't have allowed Mya to leave. The reason he allowed Mya to leave, was actually because of her feelings, but this was not what she wanted to see. knew that since Soga had already announced that he was Mya's girlfriend, then Soga must have already paid a deep debt of emotion to this matter. Now that Mya had been chased away, his pain definitely wasn't as light as it seemed on the surface. Now, even though Mya had left, it was very clear that she had successfully won Soga's heart. Although she had stayed behind, Soga, who felt guilt towards Mya, would definitely not accept her. Nico knew that Soga was a very responsible person, and would definitely not allow himself to let down his friends. While thinking, Nico raised her head with a solemn expression, and looked at Soga deeply: "This is not your fault, it is my own fault. I did not grab the opportunity, and did not let you know, that I actually like you." As she spoke to here, Nico paused slightly before continuing, "However, if you let Mya leave just like that, then it would be absolutely unfair to her and to me. No matter what, I hope you can find her and bring her back!" "Eh?" Looking at Nico with suspicion, Xiang Yun asked in puzzlement: "Stupid girl, what are you thinking about? The love rival left with great difficulty, why are you … " Nico resolutely shook her head, and said in a firm voice, "Soga and I got to know each other relatively early, but we couldn't grab hold of this opportunity. Even though Mya and Soga came into contact relatively late, it was very clear that she had seized this first chance with her sharp senses, thus … We all have the qualifications to pursue Soga. " After saying that, Nico suddenly turned her head, and looked at Soga: "But, even though Mya has already left, her figure still remains in Soga's heart. Under these circumstances, it's impossible for Soga to accept my friendship, isn't it?" Nodding his head, Xiang Yun said in deep agreement: "Your words really make sense. Soga has no other ailments, but his sense of responsibility is just too strong. Now that Mya has left, under the urge of guilt, Soga will definitely not accept anyone." Nico nodded slightly, before decisively saying: "Only by finding Mya, will we have a fair competition. Otherwise, this would be too unfair to me, and to Mya, as I won't force Mya to leave, I don't want him to feel pain because of this! Thus … Get Mya back! I don't mind competing fairly with her! " "Sigh …" Just as Nico finished speaking, a long sigh came from the entrance and Mya's figure silently appeared there. Seeing Mya's figure, Soga stood up in shock, and said in pleasant surprise: "Oh my god! Didn't you leave, Mya? " Laughing bitterly, Mya shook her head and said, "Why would Mya leave? At sea, Mya didn't know how to determine directions. Without the help of a seafarer, Mya wouldn't be able to go anywhere. " Hearing Mya's words, and looking at the sailor suit she was wearing, everyone quickly came to a realization. She might have wanted to mix in with the seafarers and silently accompany Soga, saying that she was leaving, but in truth, she couldn't leave. For a girl to be forced into such a predicament, it caused people to feel a bit sad.
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