The huge dining hall was in complete silence. Soga, Xiang Yun, Roger, Nico and the others sat around the round table. Xiang Yun, Roger and Nico were staring at Mya as if they thought of something. As she calmly received everyone's gazes, Mya took a small breath in and said in a deep voice: "Just now, Soga has introduced me. My name is Mya and from today onwards, I will officially join Soga's Business Group. I hope everyone will take good care of me in the future." "Wait!" Just as Mya finished speaking, Xiang Yun suddenly opened his mouth: "Mya, right? Before joining, I hope you can answer a question. Have we met somewhere? " Hearing Xiang Yun's words, Mya's hand that was holding onto the knife and fork trembled. But very quickly, Mya regained her calm, smiled and nodded: "Have you seen it before? Maybe, after all. Everyone is on the Great Merchant Road, so it's normal for us to have met each other before! " Nodding his head noncommittally, Xiang Yun lightly took a sip of the wine, his brows still tightly knitted. Mya's answer did not satisfy him at all. At this time, Roger, who was at the side, said with drool: "Heh heh … Beautiful lady, how old are you this year? Do you have a wife? " Hearing Roger's words, Mya laughed gently and looked towards Soga. Seeing that, Soga stood up happily and introduced: "Let me introduce to everyone, Mya already already has a boyfriend, hehe. Now, I will officially announce that Mya is my, Soga's, girlfriend! " "AHH! What! You!" Hearing Soga's words, Xiang Yun, Roger and the rest all stood up in shock and disbelief. No one would have thought that Soga would actually say such a thing. After staring blankly for a long time, the first one to react was Nico. In an instant, Nico's rosy cheeks suddenly turned deathly white. I suddenly feel a little uncomfortable, so I'll go back first. " While talking, Nico turned around as if she was escaping, and awkwardly rushed out the door. Seeing this scene, Mya's expression could not help but tense up, as if she had discovered something sensitive. Looking at Nico's back figure with suspicion, Soga puzzledly asked: "What's wrong with Nico? Why was she suddenly not feeling well? Could she be sick?" "Sigh …" Seeing Soga's blank expression, Xiang Yun painfully closed his eyes. The thing he was most worried about had finally happened, and he just did not know how Nico would resolve the knot in her heart. Slightly glancing at Mya, Xiang Yun calmly said: "Soga, I think … It's time for us to talk alone. " Soga looked at Xiang Yun with a puzzled expression as he nodded his head slightly. Although he did not know what Xiang Yun wanted to talk about, Soga would not ignore the feelings of the brothers. After saying a few words to Mya, Soga followed behind Xiang Yun and walked towards the bow of the ship. On the deck of the ship, Xiang Yun stood facing the wind. At the same time, Soga caught up to him from behind and stopped by his side. He did not turn to look at Soga. After a long period of silence, Xiang Yun finally said in a heavy voice, "Nico likes you." "What!" Hearing Xiang Yun's words, Soga trembled intensely, and shook her head in disbelief: "That's impossible, we're partners, companions who have lived friends, how could she like me? When did this happen? How come I didn't feel anything at all? " "Sigh …" Sighing helplessly, Xiang Yun said bitterly: "Of course you can't feel it. Your mind is already being used to think about that woman, how can you have the spirit to experience the emotions Nico has toward you?" After saying that, Xiang Yun turned his head and looked at Soga: "Right now, I have already sent Roger to look at Nico, you should know that emotional matters are extremely delicate, if we do not handle it well, my team will probably fall apart!" "How can this be! How could this be? " Looking at Xiang Yun with a soulless face, for a moment, Soga was completely unable to calm down. Xiang Yun shook his head helplessly, and said bitterly: "I've already been thinking about it for a long time, but I can't think of a solution. You don't like Nico, but Nico just does. At this point, Xiang Yun slightly paused, and after hesitating for a long time, Xiang Yun finally could not help but say: "Actually, there is still a way. "What method? Say it! " Hearing Xiang Yun's words, Soga said anxiously. Gritting his teeth, Xiang Yun resolutely said: "The method is very simple; it is to drive Mya away, and do not break Nico's hope for the time being. After that, you can slowly enlighten her and clear her up." While speaking, Xiang Yun's legs suddenly straightened, and his body soared into the sky, falling towards the ship. He had said what he needed to say, and even said what he should not, everything else would depend on Soga. Soga stood at the bow of the ship in a daze. He had never thought that such a thing would actually happen, he could not help but take Nico's feelings seriously. She was Soga's most important companion, someone who had shared life with him. However, it was true that he could not ignore Nico's feelings, but Mya's feelings, could even more so, not be ignored. "Sigh …" As he let out a faint sigh, Mya's figure silently appeared at Soga's side, blankly staring at the ocean in front of him. Mya said sorrowfully: "You're going to kick me out, right?" "Me!" Hearing Mya's words, Soga could not help but be at a loss for words. As Mya closed her eyes, tears welled up in them, "I know that the girl called Nico also likes you. If I were to join you, she would definitely be very sad and very likely leave the group just like that." After saying all that, Mya turned her head and looked at Soga. "Nico is a teammate whom you and your comrades have accepted and affirmed to be, while I am not. You have to choose between keeping me or her, is that it? " Clenching his eyes in pain, Soga clenched his fists tightly. He could not abandon his brothers because of a woman, but … Was it right to abandon a woman because of a brother? Just as Mya had said, if Mya stayed, Nico would leave, but if Nico stayed, Mya would have to leave. This was a pair of irreconcilable contradictions, and no matter who one lost, Soga would not be able to bear it. "Hehe …" With a slight smile, Mya gently reached out and stroked Soga's face. "Forget it, don't think about things that you can't figure out for now. Tomorrow morning, everything will be fine. Will you help me back to the cabin? I'm tired. " Hearing Mya's words, Soga suddenly shook his head, gently holding onto Mya's tender arm, they walked towards the boat cabin, after being silent for a while, Soga decisively said: "Mya, I love you from the bottom of my heart, no matter what, I will definitely not chase you away, if you really leave, then …." Mya gently said. "Don't say it, don't say anything, Mya knows everything. Now that Mya is very tired, you better accompany her well." As they spoke, Mya pushed open the door and entered the cabin along with Soga. As Soga was about to leave, Mya suddenly grabbed onto Soga's arm and timidly said: "Don't go, can you stay here tonight?" "Me!" Hearing Mya's words, Soga started to hesitate. Now he was not in a charming mood. Looking at Soga's expression, Mya sighed: "I know how you're feeling, but … Think of it as Mya begging you to stay. " As they spoke, Mya used some strength in her hands and pulled the hesitating Soga onto the bed … Gently nestling into Soga's embrace, Mya muttered: "Alright, now … You are with Mya, so … Forget about all those unpleasantness and annoyance. If being together with Mya doesn't make you forget about all your troubles, then Mya will be very disappointed! " Under Mya's comforting words, Soga fell into a deep sleep. Since he started cultivating, Soga had seldom slept, but that did not mean that Soga did not need to sleep. In the midst of sleep, Soga actually slept extremely soundly.
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