Hearing Soga's words, Mya was stunned at first, but after that she laughed bitterly and shook her head. It wasn't her first time in the third stage, so she knew the legends of the ghost boat, but she never thought that Soga would actually think of her as a ghost on a ghost boat! After thinking about it, Mya said weakly, "I know, I can't make you believe that I'm not a ghost. If you don't believe me, then kill me." "What!" Looking at the sad face of Mya, Soga couldn't help but cry out: "That's impossible! No matter what, even if this image was produced by a ghost, I still wouldn't be able to make a move against you!" Soga's face was filled with indecision. After a long while, Soga suddenly took a step forward, and picked up the woman in front of him, and said in a deep voice: "It doesn't matter, even if you're a ghost, I don't care too much. As long as there's a one in a thousand possibility that it's the real Mya, I can't abandon you!" While talking, Soga carried Mya and jumped out of the storage room, both of his feet lightly touching the deck, he soared into the air and landed in the direction of the flagship. "Huala …" At the same time Soga's feet landed on the flagship, on the other side, the small boat suddenly disintegrated with a crisp sound, scattering into countless pieces of wood which floated above the ocean. "Sigh …" Mya let out a faint sigh as she hugged Soga's arm tightly. This time, she owed Soga her life, and if not for Soga's timely discovery, she would definitely be like the sundries on the boat, and sink into the ocean. Returning to the boat, because Xiang Yun and Roger were not on board, while Nico was patrolling the boat, thus … Although Soga carried a woman back, no one dared to ask. Carrying the woman back to the captain's room, Soga ordered the kitchen to boil a big bowl of light porridge, and then personally carried it to him. Using a silver spoon, he fed the porridge to Mya one spoonful at a time. Looking at Soga's infatuated yet gentle expression, and at the same time focusing on looking at himself, Mya couldn't help but blush, but... Having not eaten for three weeks, she was simply too hungry. She was completely unable to resist the temptation of food. After a long while, he finally finished a big bowl of porridge. As the food entered his stomach, Mya finally felt the strength in his body, and struggled to sit up. In just a short while, Mya had recovered a lot. She was a martial artist. Her control over her body was at least a hundred times greater than an ordinary person's! Looking at Mya who was reclining on his bed, looking at her charming face, admiring her undulating, incomparably beautiful body, and smelling her unique fragrance in his nose, for a moment, Soga couldn't help but feel his heart shaking, and he couldn't control himself! He thought back to how he had to struggle to think of Mya's pain, and how he had to bitterly think of the decision he had made while thinking of Mya. Soga suddenly clenched his teeth and said loudly: "Even though I don't even know your name, but … "In any case, will you be my girlfriend?" "Eh?" At first, he was taken aback, but then … Mya extended a hand in a flirtatious manner, caressed Soga's face and said: "What? Don't you think that I was created by a ghost? " Soga shook his head in embarrassment and said: "It was my misunderstanding just now. Even though I don't know the reason, but I do know that you are you. Speaking to here, Soga anxiously said once more: "No matter what, be my girlfriend, I really like you. Ever since I've met you once, I've been missing you bitterly for a long time, because of you, I almost brought the entire team into destruction! "So …" "Eh?" Mya looked at Soga with doubt, but Mya pondered for a moment, and then asked sternly: Be your girlfriend? But I don't understand. What do you like about me? " "This …" Hearing Mya's words, Soga scratched his head with a bitter smile, and then decisively said: "I like your face, I like your figure, I like the delicate fragrance you emit, and I like your smile and a frown. I won't be able to describe it. " Touching his own face with suspicion, Mya asked in confusion: "Am I very beautiful?" Facing Mya's inquiry, Soga resolutely said, "Beautiful! Of course she's beautiful. I can say with certainty that there is no one more beautiful than you in this world. Could it be … Didn't anyone ever tell you? " Feeling at a loss, Mya touched his own face, slightly shaking his head. Ever since she started practicing martial arts at the age of five, she had been wearing a green cloth covering her face all day. If she wasn't afraid that Soga would recognize her, she wouldn't have appeared her true self. Just ask, no one had ever seen her face before, so how could anyone say that she was beautiful? Looking at Mya's doubtful gaze, Soga couldn't help but feel his heart ache. This cute and beautiful girl was born so beautiful, so beautiful that it could be described as perfect, yet no one had ever praised her. On the other side, Mya looked at Soga hesitantly. He wanted to agree to's request, although he had never thought about it before, but now that he thought about it, if he was his girlfriend, it might be good. At the very least, he wouldn't feel disgusted with being with him! Mya was no longer a little girl. To this day, she was already twenty-six, and was precisely the time when a woman's greatest emptiness and desire for a partner was also the time when a woman's most beautiful and enchanting. How could she not want to? But even so, a partner was not something that could be casually decided, in all these years, it was not like Mya had never gone searching, but to her, the only person she had her eyes on, was Soga. Other than him, the others were not even comparable to ants in her eyes, and could be easily killed! However, Mya himself was very clear, if it was only for his appearance and body, then this kind of relationship would definitely not last. His appearance would eventually age, and his figure would sooner or later change. Mya nodded, bit her lips, and said shamelessly: "If, just based on those words, then I'm right here, you should know that I have no ability to resist, and even if you wanted to take control of me, I don't have the strength to resist, right?" "What!" Soga stood up angrily, and said angrily: "Who do you think I am? Even though I don't deny that even in my dreams, I yearn to have you, to possess you, but … If that's the case, then my heart will not be satisfied, and that's not what I want! " Hearing Soga's words, Mya's eyes suddenly flashed with a sharp light. He lowered his head slightly, and said softly, "Don't you like my appearance and figure? Don't you want to have me? "In that case, you can fulfill all your wishes now. I won't, and I can't, resist you." "Me! "You …" Hearing Mya's words, Soga couldn't help but anxiously walk back and forth. He wanted to explain, but he couldn't find the appropriate language to do so, and this wasn't something that could be described with words. Looking at Soga's anxious expression, Mya's eyes were filled with anticipation. As long as Soga could give her the answer she hoped for, then even if she gave him everything, Mya would definitely be willing. After all … A woman who had reached 26 years of age, once she had identified her target, would not be as reserved as a girl. They would rather hold the target in their hands and firmly imprison it. After a long time, Soga finally stopped in his tracks, turned his head around abruptly, and said to Mya flatly: "I don't deny that your appearance and body, are both deadly attractive, but just these words alone, are not enough to move me!" After saying all that, Soga scratched his head in distress and continued: "I don't know what to say. Your body cannot represent you. To me, in my body's embrace, your thoughts, your soul, and your heart are the true you. This is what I truly want! " Putting on a serious expression, Mya pouted: "Ideas! Soul! And heart! How can you be so greedy? If this is all yours, ask. How can my body be given to someone else? "
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