C403 As he spoke it, Xiang Yun's face couldn't help but reveal a terrifying expression, and continued: "When these millions of scales fly up, they will reflect the sunlight, and emit a dreamlike rainbow color. They are unimaginably beautiful, and everyone will be distracted by it. In the instant that people are absent-minded, these beautiful scales will have already reaped their souls, and this is the Dragon whip's most powerful move!" As Xiang Yun paused, and for a moment, the entire room was completely silent as they stared at the Ice whip on the table. Soga's body was uncontrollably trembling, thinking it was too terrifying, truly too terrifying! Soga knew, with the Dragon whip, his fighting ability could be increased by several times, and even if it was an opponent several times stronger than Soga, Soga could still win in a battle. From this moment onwards, the difference in level, would no longer determine the outcome! Gently patting Soga on the shoulder, Xiang Yun quietly left the room. He had already said what he needed to say, and next, he needed Soga to think and understand. Time passed minute after minute, Soga sat on his chair, staring at the Dragon whip that was emitting cold mist on the table, his mind constantly flashing with all of its powerful and abnormal abilities. Unconsciously, Soga compared the Divine Dragon to the Western Dragons, but very quickly, Soga realized that if the Divine Dragon were to fight against the Dragon, then the Dragon would have no chance of winning at all. With the Divine Dragon's terrifying body, he could easily kill the Giant Dragons! The gigantic Western Dragons had great strength, but the Divine Dragons were not only strong in the east. With their special bodies, they could amplify their own strength by several times, and their battle skills were elusive, impossible to guard against. If there really was a living Divine Dragon, Soga could not think of a way to defeat it, it was definitely invincible! What made Soga excited was that although he was not sure if there really were living Divine Dragons in this world, there were still … On the other hand, Soga could rely on his own Water control capacity, as well as his ability to control the fruits, to recreate the divine dragon's ability. Although he did not know if he could reach the realm of a divine dragon, as Soga's strength continuously increased, the strength of this Dragon whip would also, day by day, progress towards the realm of a divine dragon. For the next three days, Soga stayed indoors and did not come out. He carefully studied the skills used by the Dragon whip and only when the door was knocked did Soga suddenly wake up. Following Soga's command, the door to the ship was pushed open. At the same time, a pirate respectfully walked in and reported, "Reporting to Master Soga, we will arrive at Conch Island soon. With our current speed, we will arrive in half an hour!" Soga nodded his head in understanding before waving his hand to indicate the pirates to retreat. Soga stood up and stretched his body a little. Just as he was about to go out and take a look, he suddenly remembered something. Suddenly turning his head, Soga looked at the Dragon whip on the table with a complicated expression. It was only at this moment that Soga suddenly realised, although this Dragon whip was powerful, it was too troublesome to summon it out. Just when things were difficult for him, the voice that belonged to the God Equipment Spirit suddenly sounded out, "Master, you can put the Dragon whip into the God Equipment Primordial Sea. Although it is not possible to contain anything else here, but if it is an object made purely of Water element, it can still be held!" Speaking to here, the divine tool spirit paused, then continued, "Furthermore, leaving the Dragon whip here not only can maintain the temperature, but I can also store the Dragon whip in the core area of the hundred million year glacier. This will allow the Dragon whip to absorb the ice cold energy that has accumulated for billions of years, and from there, become an unbreakable, hundred million year ice soul that is even harder than steel!" "Holy sh * t!" "Hearing that voice, Soga was startled at first, but after that he suddenly jumped up. If everything was real, then that would be too terrifying!" While thinking, Soga looked at the Dragon whip on the table. resolutely shook his head. Dragon whip s had to be placed in the glaciers in the Primordial Sea, but it was not this crudely crafted Ice whip. Soga had already decided that he would use all of his strength to carve the most perfect and sharpest Dragon whip, and only such an existence would have the qualifications to enter the Primordial Sea! The current Dragon whip s had scales engraved on them, so it was impossible for them to stand on end. In order for the scales to stand on end, one would have to shape them piece by piece, then stick them on. There was also the Dragontongue Sword, the dragon mouth that could open and close, and the dragon claw that could be grasped. When he thought of this, Soga resolutely turned around, pushed open the door, and arrived on the deck. Looking around, he could see that at the furthest reaches of the sea level, a lush green shadow had already appeared. Half an hour later, the gigantic Soga flagship finally stopped at the pier of the Conch Island. At the same time, Soga rushed down from the ship with the original leader of the pirates — Whale —, and walked towards the inn with Xiang Yun and the others. Inside the tavern, Xiang Yun and the rest were seated around a round table. As for the leader of the pirates, the Whale, all sorts of things were tied up and thrown on the ground. Glancing coldly at the whale, Soga turned and said to Xiang Yun and Roger: "I had originally wanted to take care of this guy, but back then at sea, the sailors on the ship were all his subordinates, so I was worried that there would be an uproar, so I didn't dare to do anything to them. But since we are already ashore, it is time to take care of this guy." After saying that, Soga paused for a moment, and then continued: "Alright, Xiang Yun, Roger, as the victim, this fellow's fate will be decided by you two!" Hearing Soga's words, Xiang Yun and Roger nodded, then looked towards the whale, sizing it up slightly. Xiang Yun laughed cruelly as he stroked his chin, and started thinking about how to torture the whale. Whale coldly looked at Xiang Yun and Roger as he lay on the ground. Although his face was pale, he did not show a single expression similar to fear, and did not even say a single word of begging. Seeing this scene, Xiang Yun asked curiously: "Hey! Since you have already fallen to such a state, aren't you afraid that we will torture you until you can't live, making it difficult for you to die? The whale looked coldly at Xiang Yun, and said calmly: "If you truly look at me that way, then you are greatly mistaken. From the day I became a pirate, I had already realized the situation today. Thus … If you want to kill me, kill me! I, the whale, am fearless! " "Aha!" Hearing the whale's words, Roger uncontrollably stood up, and after circling the whale twice, Roger laughed: "I never thought that I would meet such a strong little pirate!" With that said, Roger turned his head and looked at Xiang Yun. After looking at him for a moment, Roger gently untied the whale's ropes, and then turned around as if nothing had happened and returned to the side of the round table. At the same time, Xiang Yun opened her mouth and said: "This time, although you defeated us, and almost killed Roger and I, but you are not as skilled as others, so there is nothing to say!" Saying that, Xiang Yun paused for a bit, then continued: "This time, I'll let you go, no matter what, and when I meet you again, we can fight!" Hearing Xiang Yun's words, the whale slowly stood up and walked to the door without saying a word. Just as it walked to the door, Xiang Yun's voice sounded again: "Hey! No matter how many of you there are, as long as you can defeat Roger and I, we will allow you to punish us as you wish! "
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