C401: Xiang Yun Teaches (Part 2) "Oh my god!" Hearing the explanation from Xiang Yun and Soga, Roger's eyes gradually lit up, and a brand-new door slowly opened in front of him. A new world of martial arts appeared! Looking at Roger's joyful face, Xiang Yun smiled and said to Soga: "Since boss is so generous, giving us pointers without holding back, then I, Xiang Yun, will not hide it anymore." "Eh?" Soga looked at Xiang Yun in confusion. He did not understand what Xiang Yun wanted to say. Can he teach they something? This … Seemed unlikely! You had to know, Xiang Yun came from an ancient martial arts in the Eastern Ancient Kingdom, where there was no mage profession. In the midst of his confusion, Xiang Yun turned and said to Roger: "First it's you, your Leg method is not bad, but you clearly lack sufficient techniques. In terms of detail, it's far worse than the Leg method of my Eastern Ancient Martial Arts. In this world, it will be hard for you to find another opponent! " "AHHH!" Shocked, Roger looked at Xiang Yun, and asked in disbelief: "Is what you said true? You must be bragging! You, a blade playboy, actually want to teach me the Leg method? " Laughing proudly, Xiang Yun said boldly: "You miss me, Xiang Yun, to travel the world, what kind of martial arts have you not experienced? In order to improve my path of the blade, I have collected a large number of secret manuals, some of which I can integrate into the blade, while the other part, although I am unable to practice it, I can still understand them and make them a part of my experience! " As he spoke till here, Xiang Yun's expression suddenly became solemn, and he said coldly: "However, before I impart you this information, you must promise me one thing!" "Yes, yes, yes …" Nodding his head again and again, Roger impatiently said: "Quickly tell me, as long as I can do it, I will promise you everything, do you want me to become your disciple?" "Hehe …" Xiang Yun smiled and shook his head: "We are all brothers, all of us are partners. Worship of my master is just a joke, I only hope that you all do not spread what I am teaching you from the outside. Besides your descendants, absolutely do not spread what I have done otherwise, I will become a traitor!" Roger nodded his head in understanding before laughing out loud: "Don't worry about that. Even though I don't really understand your way of thinking, since you asked for it, then even if I die, I will definitely not reveal what you've taught me!" Nodding his head in satisfaction, Xiang Yun narrowed his eyes and said dreamily: "In my country, there was once a martial artist called Nie Feng. Wu Lin was known as the God of the Wind and was named after the Divine Wind Leg method!" "Divine Wind Leg method!" Hearing this name, Roger's eyes couldn't help but light up. Slightly nodding, Xiang Yun continued to speak, "The Wind God's Legs were taught to me by Xiongba, a total of six types: First Style Wind Catcher, Second Style Wind Grass, Third Style Storm, Fourth Style Wind Tower Ruins, Fifth Style Wind Blazing Roar, Sixth Style of the Divine Wind Slash. The Leg method is about attacking before the enemy arrives, if you attack before the enemy arrives, you will be the first to get injured. " "Wow!" With a startled cry, Roger said excitedly, "Just listening to the name, seems like a very powerful person, quickly … "Hurry up and teach me!" Xiang Yun continued to speak: "Just this set of Leg method is not difficult for one to become a top-level expert, but the distance between us is still far from enough. One must know, the Divine Wind Leg, Cloud Subduing Palm, and Skyfrost Fist, are all three ultimate skills of a tyrant, and the Wind God's Leg is only one of them. What I want to pass on to you, is far more than just this set!" Hearing Xiang Yun's words, Roger shut his mouth abruptly, and looked at Xiang Yun fervently. At the same time, Xiang Yun continued: "Divine Wind Leg method, elegant and graceful, when it is used, it is like a tornado cutting the clouds, but in terms of strength, as well as continuity, it has never been able to reach the limit. I will also pass on to you two other sets of Leg method s, in terms of power and continuity, to make up for it! " Reaching this point, Xiang Yun slightly paused, then continued: "First, there is the issue of power, and like what Boss said earlier, the greatest characteristic of the Leg method is power, so … I will impart to you a skill that is famous for its power, the consummate skill of the Northern Shaolin — — King Kong Leg method! " "King Kong Leg method?" Roger's eyes suddenly shot out a sharp light. "Hmm …" Xiang Yun nodded his head deeply and explained: "That's right, this set of Leg method is extremely powerful and fierce, it is an extremely Yang steel, an unstoppable Leg method. If it is combined with the Divine Wind Leg method, then the lack of power will definitely be replenished!" "Gulp …" After swallowing a mouthful of saliva with difficulty, Roger continued: "What else? Apart from strength, didn't you say that there were still problems with continuity? " "Hmm …" Nodding his head, Xiang Yun said in a deep voice: "The so-called continuity, is referring to the continuity of the attack. Whether it is the Divine Wind Leg method, or the Great Strength Vajra Leg, although they can heavily injure the enemy, it is often very difficult to carry out continuous attacks. "Holy sh * t!" Hearing the name of this idiot, Roger shouted excitedly: "What the hell is this thing? It sounds very awesome! " Xiang Yun nodded his head deeply, and said: "That's right, in fact, this set of Leg method, is a set of the ancient and modern, all the characteristics of the Leg method and a set of the Leg method, one attack at a time is the ultimate profound meaning, a total of nine levels, each level can be used to attack the opponent twice, and reach the highest level, the moment the enemy is hit, he will be attacked eighteen times in a row!" "F * ck!" 27 consecutive kicks! Isn't that invincible? " Hearing Xiang Yun's words, Roger cried out in disbelief. He could not imagine what kind of person could even resist twenty-seven feet of him and still be alright. Xiang Yun shook his head and said helplessly: "Although this set of Leg method is mystical, but it is still far from being invincible, and there is still a long way to go. This set of Leg method can attack quickly, but the power has been reduced by a lot, that's why I said, you have to master the Wind God's Leg method, Diamond Leg, and the Traceless Buddha, in order to master it with your own martial arts, you must be able to create the strongest Leg method!" After saying that, Xiang Yun's face suddenly became solemn, and he continued: "Finally, what I want to pass on to you, is the strongest Leg method for single target attacks — — Willow Leg Robe!" "Willow Leg Robe!" Roger's eyes suddenly lit up as he muttered. Xiang Yun nodded his head deeply and continued: "The so called willow leg, also known as the whip-leg, is the Leg method where the leg becomes a whip, and lashed at the enemy. Because of the characteristics of the whip, although it is very difficult to repel the enemy, it can still cause centrifugal force to form. To trap him at his original place and conduct an endless string of attacks, with your Hormone fruit's power, it would give me a headache just thinking about it! " "Big brother!" Suddenly, he grabbed Xiang Yun and said urgently: "I'll leave it to you, hurry up and teach me these four sets of Leg method s. I will be your slave in the future, anything will do!" After breaking free from his arms with a smile, Xiang Yun said: Since I've said that, I naturally have to pass it on to you, we are all teammates and partners, I do not need any repayment from you, if you're strong, our team will be strong, and as long as the team is stronger, we can continue to charge forward, and you will be willing to put in effort, and you can take care of me. Speaking till here, Xiang Yun paused, then continued: "As for the Leg method, I will teach it to you on the deck every morning, although I am not proficient in it, but I still remember the chants, I have personally experienced it myself, so it should not be a mistake." Upon hearing Xiang Yun's words, Roger scratched her ears and cheeks in joy, wishing that she could kiss Xiang Yun a little. She dragged Xiang Yun and forced him to teach her immediately, and seeing Roger's anxious look, Xiang Yun smiled and shook his head: "No, I said that the morning is the time to teach you. As for now, I still have something to teach boss, so I don't have the time to teach you right now." As soon as he heard that the matter was related to Soga, Roger immediately became quiet. After all... He couldn't deny the opportunity for others to study just because of his own relationship. What's more … That person was Soga, even if Roger did not want to learn, he would not want to delay Soga's plans. Seeing that Roger did not press him any further, Xiang Yun slowly turned his head and looked deeply at Soga, "Boss, although I do not know how to use magic ….. I believe that after seeing what I've given you, you will definitely be ecstatic! "
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