Ye Feng's words … It reverberated in Liu Bing Qian's heart for a long time. It lingered. She had waited so long. It had also been hinted at for a long time. Until yesterday. Ye Feng finally gave her a clear time limit. After the pet hunt. He said it was too early. It was too late. In fact, it was a matter that was just right in front of his eyes … There was no doubt about it. It caused her mood to be greatly affected. He couldn't even sleep. … …. Thousand Herbs Peak. Little Bamboo Restaurant. In a daze … "Bing Qian. "Bing Qian …" Liu Bingqian heard a few shouts. Only then did he come back to his senses. He looked around. He saw a bunch of students covering their mouths. He smiled at himself. And in the center of all the students … Fairy Feng's beautiful face revealed an indescribable trace of anger. Instantly. Liu Bingqian's face was blushing. She bit her lips. His cheek seemed to be bleeding. "Master." "You're the one who called me." "Of course. "Who else could it be other than me?" Fairy Feng frowned. I couldn't help but shake my head. What's the matter with you? He looked like he was in a trance. You know, you know... Tomorrow is the time for you to head to the Nine Abyss to participate in the pet hunting convention. If he continued to slack off like this … I won't let you participate in it. " Liu Bingqian's face turned anxious. He hurriedly replied, "How can we do that? I'm risking everything to not be able to hunt any Demon Pet this time. "We have to help..." "Help that shitty brat, Ye Feng …" Fairy Feng immediately responded. He shook his head helplessly. Bing Qian. You stay with me. It's been a while. I know you're a nice guy. However … That brat Ye Feng is so cunning. There were also quite a few enemies. You follow him. "Sooner or later, I will suffer a loss …" "Even if we do suffer a loss … "Then I will accept it as well." Liu Bingqian sighed. He raised his head and smiled helplessly, "What's more … Perhaps … "I might not have the chance to suffer such a loss …" "You …" Fairy Feng was speechless for a moment. He could only sigh and say, "Alright then." Your Pill Dao Martial Spirit. Not much use in the Nine Abyss. In all matters, self-defense was the most important thing. "You should be careful when the time comes." She looked cold and detached. In fact, the most important thing was to protect the disciple's weakness. "Thank you for your reminder, master." … …. Inside the Martial Spirit Palace. Elder Zhao was giving morning lessons to the students. He looked around. "Those who are absent today. Was it still Liang Dong's group? These few rich kids. It's been almost a week since I've come to the morning class. "Could it be that you do not wish to train in the Celestial Sect of Wonders?" A young man in a white shirt with a jade-like face and red lips was standing there. He had an extraordinary appearance. He bit his lip. He raised his hand shakily. Elder Zhao's eyes lit up. Pointing at him, he said, "Cheng Yun. What do you have to say? He could just directly say … "There is no need to be so formal." Cheng Yun replied with a "En" sound. Nodding, he replied, "Reporting to Master. I see. Liang Dong and the others had been out for nearly a week. I didn't get back until yesterday. Each of them. They were all disheveled. He was half-dead from exhaustion. "He seems to be exhausted." "Dressed badly. "I'm half dead from exhaustion." Elder Zhao could not help but frown. "Then ask them." "Where did you go?" "Of course I have. But they kept their mouths shut. His mouth seemed to be covered by a piece of adhesive tape. "Not even the slightest bit of information will be revealed." Elder Zhao gave a heavy snort, "What do you mean by short talk?" I think. It was most likely a person who had gone to the Heavenly Dao City to roam around. Especially that Liang Dong. Originally, I thought his talent was pretty good. He was actually quite optimistic about him. If Ye Wen did not stab him... "I was still hoping to recommend him to the Nine Abyss." Cheng Yun could not help but ponder for a moment. He asked curiously, "So now …" With Ye Feng's words … Master, what do you think? " The problem he was talking about... Actually. It was also the doubt in the hearts of the disciples … "This …" Elder Zhao pondered for a moment. "We'll have to see." Was Ye Feng really as he said? Today, he had handed over ten Spirit Nurturing Pills. If not … It was the same as before. "Push Liang Dong up." Hearing this, everyone was stunned. Ye Zichen chuckled. Ye Zichen looked at each other. "Ten Mysterious rank Spirit-Nurturing Pills. Master. Last time, this request was made. I'm afraid you did. In less than a week … "Clearly, it is impossible to successfully refine it." "Yes, Master." You want to refuse Ye Feng? Just say it directly. He was left with no hope. At that time … the more disappointed he is. " "If Ye Feng were to really finish refining the pill … Then he should have come long ago. If he still hasn't arrived today … That could only mean that … "The refinement has failed." Just as everyone was making a ruckus … One of Elder Zhao's disciples rushed into the great hall. He cupped his hands in terror as he reported. "Master. Outside of the hall, Ye Feng wishes to seek an audience. " As soon as he said this. All the students who were taking morning classes felt a chill in their hearts. "Ye Feng. At this time of our morning class, "What is he doing?" Elder Zhao froze when he heard this. Although he still couldn't believe it … In his heart, however … He had a bad feeling about this. He frowned slightly, "Since Ye Feng wishes to see me …" "Then let him in." "Yes..." A short while later. Ye Feng's figure could be seen. Then, he appeared in the Martial Spirit Palace. "Greetings, Daoist Master Zhao." The proper etiquette. Ye Feng did not forget. It would not change because of a momentary loss or gain. Elder Zhao replied. Gazing into his eyes: "Ye Feng. Why did you call me here today? "Could it be …" "That's right." Ye Feng smiled and said, "I've finished refining the ten Spirit-Nurturing Pills. I implore Elder Zhao. "Give me the qualifications to participate in the Gathering." It was a simple sentence. has covered all the things that people want to know. "What?" Hearing this, everyone was stunned. As if he had been struck by a giant bell. He was stunned on the spot. Ye Feng smiled calmly. The spirit energy brushed past the spatial ring. The big hand had already reached in. He started taking out pills. "If Elder Zhao has no other words …" "I am going to start delivering the pills now." He paused for a moment and continued, "The first pellet. "The second one …" Everyone gathered around him. He wanted to determine the authenticity and quality of this pill. However. No matter what angle you look at it from, The quality of the Mysterious rank pill concocted by Ye Feng was extremely high. These were not things that an outsider could point at. "Looks like … This pill was not only real … I'm afraid. "It's even a high-grade Spirit-Nurturing Pill." Within Ye Feng's spatial ring. because there was a lot of stuff piled up. Even the Mysterious rank pill furnace was inside. Therefore, he wanted to take out the pill from here. It was not a very convenient thing to do. He was half a beat too slow. "The fifth pellet." "The sixth..." At this moment, everyone was stunned. It was already beginning to turn silent. However. There were still people who did not believe it … Ye Zichen looked at Ye Zichen in shock. They were waiting for him to stop moving. However. Ye Ci's actions of taking the pill continued all the way to the end. "The ninth pellet." "… …" "Ten crystals …" Ye Feng took out the tenth pill. and put it on top of a fine brocade handkerchief. Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. They actually wanted to deny it. After all, in their eyes … A foreign exchange student. What right did Liang Dong have to steal the placings from them? However. This was the truth. They saw it with their own eyes. There was nothing more to ask. "Master. "This..." Witnessing such a shocking scene … They could only look over. They all turned to Elder Zhao's position. A meaningful smile appeared on Ye Feng's face. Wrap the brocade handkerchief properly. He placed it in front of Elder Zhao. "Daoist Master Zhao. Ten Xuan grade Spirit Nurturing Pills. That's all there is to it. Now. I'll give it all to you. " "You …" Elder Zhao's heart trembled. Ye Zichen looked at him deeply. He shook his head helplessly, "Sigh …" Seeing this, Cheng Yun's expression changed. could not help but speak up, "Master. Could it be that junior brother Liang is really going to be disqualified? " "Master. I hope you will reconsider. However. Among Elder Zhao's disciples. Not everyone thought that way. "Master. It was still more important to be honest. No matter what you do … "I can't break my promise." "Say it again. Junior Liang was a disrespectful person. Absence of a master's morning lesson. He ran out to play with Yi Xiang. It was changed for the tip of the leaf. "I think it's more suitable..." After all. Liang Dongshen did not attend the Bounty Convention. Between them. It could be said that it had nothing to do with him. However. Ye Feng had refined ten Spirit-Nurturing Pills. There might be one. From their Master's side … that flowed into their hands. "Now that things have progressed to this point … "What do you want me to say?" Elder Zhao helplessly smiled. He continued, "Since you are Ye Feng …" You can refine ten Spirit-Nurturing Pills and give them to me. Then the spot for the Gathering of the Hunting Pet. I agree. "I can give it to you." He sighed heavily. In the end, he decided to keep his word. Compromise. "Master." Cheng Yun couldn't help but want to advise. However. Yet, Elder Zhao waved his hand at him. Ye Zichen glared. Ye Zichen signaled him to stop talking. The other person seemed to want to say something, but stopped several times. [That's what I call giving up.] "Thank you, Elder Zhao." Elder Zhao paused for a moment. He continued, "But … It was not easy to get a placing at the Meet. I hope you will do your best tomorrow. Do you know how to cherish them? "Achieving excellent results in the hunt for pets." Elder Zhao had already given the placings to Ye Feng. This was his face. Naturally, he hoped that … Ye Feng could give him some light. "Use all your strength … "That's only natural …" Ye Feng smiled. He let out a long breath. He then looked in the direction of the north gate of the Heavenly Dao City. His vision was extremely deep …. That was the direction of the Nine Abyss … Actually. He didn't need Elder Zhao's reminder. Ye Feng would also do his best, just like he always did. He had to increase his cultivation base as soon as possible. Because the opportunity … Not all of them had been given by the gods. Many of them relied on their own hard work. To fight the day after tomorrow. In the past, this was true for the Xuan Wu Continent. In the current Martial Spirit continent, It was the same. "Hunt." In the end, I still held onto his final chance … "You can go now."
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