Generally speaking. Spirit Level Flame. It was supposed to be at the fifth level of the Martial Disciple realm. And now … With Liu Bingqian's Fire Martial Spirit. She and Ye Feng worked together. you can use this ability across levels. The practical significance is evident. Everyone was stunned for a moment. Ye Zichen looked at the Mysterious rank pill furnace in front of him in a daze. He was lost in thought. "Liang Dong." Ye Feng came back to his senses. Her voice was as calm as the waves. "I'm here. "I'm here." Liang Dong replied with fear and trepidation. Ye Feng stared at the Spiritual Tier Flame that was changing forms under the pill furnace, "You didn't ask me just now. "Can you speed up the process of refining pills?" Liang Dong was stunned for a moment. With an old face, he smiled apologetically and said, "That's right." [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] I see now. The quality of the pill was extremely important. Speed was secondary. I promise I won't mention it again. I want to follow Big Brother Ye … Start off well. "One week for concocting pills seriously." His heart was filled with fear. He was afraid that he would not go against Ye Feng's intentions. After all. If he was tortured by Ye Feng for a while longer … That was no joke. It was a matter of life and death. "No. I mean... Now your wish has come true. With this Spiritual Grade Flame. It's not just quality. "My speed can also increase …" "What?" Liang Dong's heart trembled. Ye Feng smiled. A fierce look flashed across his eyes. "Bing Qian. You will continue to maintain the existence of your Martial Spirit. As for this Spiritual Grade Flame … "It's up to me to control it." "Alright." This was not the first time the two of them were cooperating to concoct pills. They had long since come to a mutual understanding. No matter what Ye Feng said … Liu Bingqian would do the same. At this moment. They looked at each other and smiled. And then … Ye ZIfeng's expression became serious. A monstrous fire. The crimson flames on his fingertips were drawing closer to him. They all gathered at a spot under the pill furnace. One spirit level flame after another. Concentrate on one point. Then … The heat at this point. As such, it was easy to imagine. "Enter." Ye Feng shouted. The spot where the Spiritual Grade Flame was located. Then, it passed through the surface of the pill furnace. He then entered the pill furnace. A moment later. The entire pill furnace was being roasted at a high temperature. It appeared to be in a completely red state. It kept making hissing sounds. He even started to shake. One must know that … The flame could directly penetrate into the pill furnace. This was using the flames of a mortal rank. An effect that was almost impossible to achieve. Ye Xueyi was slightly surprised, "Brother Zifeng. [To be able to refine pills like you …] Then, he channeled the flame into the pill furnace. "Can't you just burn the medicinal pill to ashes?" She was different from Liu Bingqian. After her brother refined the Golden Marrow Pill last time. It had been a long time since she had watched him concoct pills. There was naturally some doubt in his heart. "I won't." Ye Feng smiled. Ye Zichen hooked his finger a bit. A spark of spirit level flame suddenly flew in the direction of Ye Xueyi. "Brother Zifeng." "What are you doing …" Ye Xueyi was astonished in her heart. She was a bystander. Apparently, he had not expected that something would suddenly fly towards him. One of them wasn't prepared. Her lily-white hands were already splashed by the sparks. "Huh?" She lowered her head. He had thought that a small red dot would appear on his hand right away. Who would have thought that … Those sparks were like dust. It attached itself to his skin. Warm enough. But he didn't give her any pain or anxiety. "This …" "Could this be …" Ye Xueyi slightly frowned. He raised his head. He felt like he just came to a sudden realization. Ye Feng smiled calmly. He looked at her, "Not bad. This was the characteristic of Spirit Level flames. As long as it doesn't take long to bake. "It is not easy to turn medicinal ingredients into ashes …" "This …" Liu Bingqian looked deeply at the pill furnace, "Big Bro. Can I understand that? Under the condition that they were guaranteed not to burn the slag. The spiritual flame entered the furnace. It could speed up the process of concocting pills, but the quality of the spiritual flame itself was different. "It can also increase the quality of the medicinal pills." "You can understand it this way." Ye Feng nodded. He looked at her with slight approval: "Bing Qian. You're improving very quickly. Now, he had the Fire Martial Spirit. On the path of alchemy … "We should go further than that." Liu Bingqian's martial spirit in the Dao of alchemy. He was extremely happy as well. Ye Zichen chuckled. Her beautiful eyes blinked. "That's because I'm following you, big brother barbarian. Only then would he be able to improve. If not for you … Maybe I was back at the last Pill Competition … "He has already lost his confidence in concocting pills..." She paused for a moment. And then he said, "Oh, that's right. Big brother barbarian … You said that in the future … I have this Fire Spirit. Can I keep following you? I've always been with you. "He's concocting pills …" Liu Bingqian blushed. He gently lowered his head. At the end. It was already as loud as a mosquito. Indistinguishable. All this time … She had a feeling … One day, Ye Feng would definitely lose out to him in terms of strength. He shook off the others beside him. and then go to a place far away. This feeling lingered in her heart. This caused her to feel a bit terrified and uneasy at times. Therefore … She looked forward to Ye Feng's reply. Even in front of others. In front of Ye Xue Yi. She dared to do so too. However. She waited for a long time for Ye Feng's reply. But he never came. "Big Brother Boorish …" "Big brother barbarian." Her cheeks flushed, she looked up. Gently biting her thin lips. Ye Zichen saw that Ye Feng had his back facing him. His eyes were fixated on the pill furnace. He turned his head solemnly. The power of the Martial Spirit continued to increase. "Don't slack off." "You … Could it be that what I just said … "It's not like you heard anything …" Liu Bingqian's beautiful eyes widened. It took a long time for him to recover. He let out a long breath. Now that things had progressed to this point … She knew her own warmth. He was once again being ignored. As for the others … There were complicated emotions in his eyes as well. Ye Zichen looked at the two of them helplessly. Ye Xue Yi walked over. She pulled Liu Bingqian's sleeve. The sighs comforted her. "Sister Bing Qian … Don't mind it too much. Brother Zifeng. "He's always been like that." Liu Bingqian sighed. Ye Zichen looked at Ye Zichen. "That's right." "I understand." Now that things had progressed to this point … She seemed to have … He was getting used to this feeling. … …. "This Spirit Nurturing Pill has not been completely refined yet." "Let's continue..." Ye Feng said with a serious expression. He stared intently at the pill furnace. He controlled the Spirit Level Flame in his hand. It started moving along the locations of the thirty-two stars. They flew to their respective locations … Mysterious grade pill furnace. Mysterious grade medicinal herbs. Currently, he was being roasted by the Spiritual Grade Flame. That was the reason why he was able to bring out the value that he should have. Under the cauldron. He focused his Spiritual Flames on one spot. Transmitter in. Within the pill furnace. The furnace was completely red in color. Occasionally. And above the pill furnace. The thirty-two stars all rose in unison. They formed a line. It was a glowing net. In the blink of an eye. "Bing Qian. Increasing the intensity of the fire; Qing Xuan. purify waste gas; shine on stars. "Continue to give me spiritual energy." The three people on the other side had managed to adjust their mood. They exchanged glances, "Understood." Everyone continued to carry out their duties. The division of labour is clear. To the same goal. Even Liang Dong and the others were shocked. He was also silent. He was looking forward to finishing the pill as soon as possible. … …. After an unknown period of time … Suddenly. The lid of the furnace automatically turned outwards. At the top of the light net. A burning red pill soared through the air. "As expected of a Spirit Level flame …" "It's different from Common grade ones after all." Ye Feng clicked his tongue and sighed. Her eyes were filled with satisfaction. The aura of fire that was emitted from the surroundings of the Spirit Nurturing Pill. It was clear that he was mentioning something … An elixir is the highest quality elixir. "Great dan." Liang Dong laughed loudly. He was extremely happy in his heart … Actually. He didn't care whether this pill was good or bad. Every time, he would refine a pill. This meant that … He was free. He took another step forward. As he spoke … His eyes were half open. It was obvious that he was a little sleepy. "Brother Ye …" You just managed to concoct such a good pill. His energy consumption was quite high. It's time to have a good rest … " "Since it is a good pill …" "In that case, I will still need to refine it tomorrow morning." Ye Feng smiled. "Liang Dong." Tonight you will. "Chop firewood all night long." … …. A full five days passed. When the 30th Mysterious Cultivating Spirit Pill released an unusual glow … When it fell into Ye Feng's hands … Everyone's heart seemed to calm down. They all collapsed onto the ground. He was gasping for air. Liang Dong lay on the ground. His right arm was trembling uncontrollably. Apparently, it was the result of him chopping firewood all night long. "Success. Thirty Spirit-Nurturing Pills. Finally, it was complete. "This is great." Fourth Bro Qu laughed out loud, "That's right, Brother Liang." He felt refreshed after concocting the pill. I just don't know. "Will Big Brother Ye let us go?" Liang Dong and the others listened to Qu Lao Si's words. They all raised their heads to look at Ye Feng. Ye Feng scanned across the crowd. Looking at their expectant gazes … He smiled and replied, "Relax. Why not? You guys have put in a lot of effort in refining this pill. I, Ye Feng, have always been a man of my word. I just don't know. After you guys left, "Will you talk too much..." Inadvertently, he realized that … A trace of coldness flashed across his eyes. Liang Dong was startled. Then, he started to laugh heartily. With a solemn face, he replied, "Of course not. Who would dare to gossip? Don't mention you, Brother Ye. I, Old Liang, will be the first to not let him go. " "That Liang Dong." You'd better remember what you said today. Okay. "You may leave." Ye Feng had a faint smile on his face. He opened the door. He made a "please" gesture. "Let's go. "Hurry up." Liang Dong hurriedly got up from the ground. Ye Zichen immediately kicked the other people beside him. He was afraid that Ye Zichen would suddenly change his mind. He changed his mind. "Alright. "Alright." When the others heard this, they were stunned. He also patted his butt. He ran away like a wisp of smoke. Ye Feng told them to go. How could they still dare to stay? As for the three pills that Ye Feng had said he would give them … How could they dare to bring it up again? A moment later. Qing Xuan and Starlight also stood up. He was prepared to take his leave. "Qing Xuan. Starlight. This time, with your help … Only then would Zi Feng be able to refine the thirty Spirit-Nurturing Pills. "I am truly deeply grateful." Qing Xuan chuckled, "What's the use of your gratitude?" somewhat more substantial. "Give us two Spirit-Nurturing Pills." Ye Feng smiled. He really wanted to take out two pills. He then handed it over to her. Qing Xuan was stunned for a moment. And then he laughed. "You … I'm just playing with you. I'd rather not have your Spirit Nurturing Pill. I also want you to remember that you owe me a favor. Isn't it so? Senior Brother Starlight … " "I …" Starlight stared at the pill for a long time. After hearing Qing Xuan's words, Han Ying's heart trembled. He could only smile bitterly. I'm sorry to ask for more pills. "All right. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] See you at the Bounty. "I'll leave first." Qing Xuan chuckled. "Xue Yi. "Come with us." "Sure." Ye Xueyi passed on that much spiritual energy to her brother. To help him refine pills … She had been tired for so many days. He had wanted to have a good rest since a long time ago. Ye Feng and his sister looked at each other and smiled. He watched her leave. And so … Within the Pill Room. Only Liu Bingqian was left. Her beautiful eyes moved on her beautiful face. Seeing that, Ye Zichen did not even bid farewell to her. And then he laughed awkwardly, "Everyone has left. "Then I also …" "Wait …" Bing Qian. "Don't go." Ye Feng looked up solemnly. His expression was unusually serious. Liu Bing Qian chuckled: "What's wrong?" She suddenly became so serious … What else do you have to say? " "You asked me before. With the Fire Martial Spirit. Can you keep following me and concocting pills? Always at my side. These words... I actually heard it. " "You … "So you heard it." Liu Bingqian's pretty face changed color. Her delicate body began to tremble. His whole body felt as if it had been struck by lightning. Immobile. A faint blush appeared on his face. Ye Feng looked at him meaningfully. Gazing into her eyes. "So I decided to. After this Meet … I'll give you a clear answer... "
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