"Don't participate." Liu Bingqian shivered. He gave her a deep look. She revealed a surprised expression, "Sister Xueyi. Do you know what you're saying? We were hunting for him. "Is that why we delayed reporting to Master?" "That is what you say." Ye Xueyi's face was somewhat pale: "But... I just took a look at the situation over there. This was too scary. The entire Nine Abyss. It was as if he was enveloped in an aura of death. White bones were everywhere. Zifeng didn't awaken a martial spirit. "I am afraid that something might go wrong." Ye Feng thought that his sister saw something special. He didn't expect that these bones would be so weak. and it scared her. However, this was no wonder … After all, Lei Zhou City had issued a few Martial House missions. Most of them were fairly simple. The berserk beasts were completely different. It could be considered a relatively mild type. Very few people died. His sister's potential was enormous. However, he was still lacking in experience. Ye Feng smiled and shook his head. He raised his head with a serious face. "All right. What did he want to say? Don't say it here. "Let's return to the Celestial Sect of Wonders first." He paused for a moment. He said with a smile, "Moreover... It just so happens that I have some things to do at my place. "I need your help." "Help me." The two girls looked at each other in doubt. Ye Zichen took a step forward. And then he followed her. … …. Within the pill room. Liang Dong, Qing Xuan, and the others were all staring at each other. They had been looking at each other for a long time. "I say … Senior apprentice brother Starlight. Senior Sister Qing Xuan. Waiting is waiting. "We have no complaints." Liang Dong said. He lowered his head. The corner of his mouth curled up into a bitter smile. "But … And you don't have to do this to us. "Tie them up." Qing Xuan glared at him unhappily. He coldly snorted. "Nonsense." I've tied you up. I was able to take a nap. Otherwise … If you run away … After a while, Ye Feng returned. Seeing less coolie. Then the extra work of concocting pills … I'll do it for you. " "Senior Brother and Senior Sister …" "How would we dare to run?" Liang Dong raised an eyebrow. Ye Zichen said with a bitter expression. They were not talking nonsense when they heard this. Ye ZIfeng washed it away like this. For at least a month. None of them dared to go against Ye Feng's intentions. Starlight swept over everyone. Ye Zichen shook his head helplessly. "All right. Stop arguing. Didn't Ye Feng promise us that he would. "Will you come back early?" "Then let's wait a little longer …" Right at this moment … Outside the door. Suddenly, the sound of multiple footsteps could be heard. After hearing the sounds, the already drowsy crowd fell silent. Ye Zichen's body suddenly shook. Liang Dong was startled. "It can't be." Could it be … "A few more laborers have been brought here by him." The door was pushed open. Two beautiful figures, one red and one white. They were all oval shaped faces, lacquered eyes, and extremely delicate and pretty. It was as if two fairies had fallen into the mortal world … Ye Xueyi glanced at him. Her little nose was slightly raised. "Liang Dong." How can you talk like that?] Take me and Sister Bing Qian. Now, it was said to be a labourer. That's right. You and Brother Zifeng won't be able to fight each other. "Why are we here?" Since she had taken Elder Zhao as her master, Thus, he was able to call out the names of a few disciples. "I …" Liang Dong didn't expect that the person who came was Ye Feng's sister. His smile suddenly became extremely bitter. Liu Bingqian's focus was not on this. She walked into the pill room. After greeting Qing Xuan and the rest. He then began to calm down. He wanted to sense the environment around him. A moment later. She turned her head abruptly. Ye Zichen looked towards Ye Zichen. "Could it be … The room was so full of people. "This is the smell of the Spirit Nurturing Pill." Ye Feng smiled and nodded, "Exactly." Liu Bingqian's heart froze. He was secretly impressed, "Big brother boor …" Or do you have a way? Clearly, you are in this Celestial Gate. Just like me … [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] "He actually managed to obtain the ingredients for the Spirit Nurturing Pill." "The ingredients for this Spirit Nurturing Pill …" In fact, it's your master. "It was given to me by Fairy Feng." "What?" Master gave it to me. " A look of surprise flashed across Liu Bingqian's beautiful eyes. In her opinion … Fairy Feng's attitude towards Ye Feng was simply terrible. She shouldn't have given him any medicinal ingredients. "And what exactly did she do? "I won't say anything else." Ye Wen smiled. He took out three Spirit-Nurturing Pills from his spatial ring. "And just now …" I said I wanted to ask for your help. Actually. "It is also to refine this' Spirit Nurturing Pill '." "Big Brother Boorish …" Are you kidding me … " Liu Bing Qian chuckled: "Three Spirit-Nurturing Pills." Didn't you already finish refining it? " "No!" Ye Feng's face was solemn. Ye Zichen shook his head. From his interspatial ring … He then took out the Mysterious rank pill furnace. In an instant. An extremely dense smell of medicinal herbs filled the room. Liu Bingqian's expression slowly changed. As if he was numb to it. He could not speak. "Three medicinal pills." It was only a tenth of that. In this week … The total amount of ingredients needed to be refined was … "It's thirty pills." Ye Feng's words … It was like a meteor falling from the sky. It struck right into Liu Bingqian's heart. "Thirty pills." It wasn't just Liu Bingqian. Even Ye Xueyi, who knew nothing about alchemy. He also cried out in alarm. "In that case … The matter of refining 30 Spirit Nurturing Pills … "All of you have known this since long ago." They were astonished. Turning around, he saw Xuan, Starlight and the others clearly. On their faces. A wry smile appeared on their faces. Liu Bingqian and Liu Bingqian finally understood. Ye Feng's words … It wasn't a lie. Ye Feng laughed lightly, "Bing Qian." Now that you're joining us, In terms of alchemy … "We can do it more easily." When Liang Dong heard this, he was stunned. His face lit up, "Brother Ye. In other words … We can finish refining the medicinal pellet as soon as possible. " "This way … so that we can take the extra time, spend it on improving the quality of your medicine. " Ye Feng muttered to himself. Liang Dong: "…" … …. "The tenth Spirit-Nurturing Pill … "We've finally succeeded." Ye Feng smiled. He then opened the lid of the furnace. With the addition of Liu Bingqian and Ye Xueyi, the number of players increased significantly. Within two days. Not only did the 10 Spirit Nurturing Pills succeed. Furthermore … The quality was much higher than before. It was even better. And so … Ye Feng quickly followed. The tenth pill … He stored them in his interspatial ring. Thirty stones was his goal. And ten were his bottom line. With these ten Spirit-Nurturing Pills. Only then would he be able to exchange for a spot at the Meet. With a complicated look in his eyes, Liang Dong watched him take the ten Spiritfount Pills. His heart was filled with all sorts of mixed emotions. A few days ago. He did everything he could to destroy Ye Feng's pill furnace. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] But now … Yet, he had actually helped Ye Feng refine it into a pill. In fact, he was even more eager for Liu Ming to finish the pill refining as soon as possible. "Sigh... Why didn't I open my eyes back then? "I've offended this evil star." … …. Suddenly. Ye Feng suddenly called out, "Bing Qian." "What's wrong?" "Big brother barbarian …" "10 pills complete." Ye Feng smiled and continued, "How about … Let's try it now. Yours. "A Fire Martial Spirit for alchemy." "... "Is this really how it is going to be …" After Liu Bingqian had awakened her Martial Spirit. He hadn't tried it yet. Thus … Suddenly, Ye ZIfeng mentioned it. At this moment, in her heart. He also felt a little uneasy. Ye Feng saw the nervousness in her eyes. Ye Zichen comforted. "Don't be afraid. Relax. "Just treat it as using mortal fire to refine pills." "Then... Alright. I'll try. If he were to embarrass himself later on … "Don't laugh at me." Liu Bingqian gently bit her lips. He finally made up his mind. "Yes." "Let's do it." Liu Bingqian clenched her fist. The expression on his face gradually turned serious. She closed her eyes. He was trying to comprehend the power of his Martial Spirit. Soon... A fiery heat burst forth from her blood. It started to gather towards her lower abdomen. The heat wave rolled. The temperature in the pill room … It was as if he had suddenly grown stronger by quite a bit. At the same time. A burning flame. Suddenly, it burst forth from her fingertips. He threw it onto the pill furnace. He began to roast the pill furnace. However. In terms of effects … The power of this' burning 'technique … It seemed to be no different from the ordinary flames from before. "The Fire Martial Spirit... "That shouldn't be the case." Ye Feng stared at the fire on the tip of her finger. He frowned deeply, "It looks quite grand. How come in terms of the degree of combustion … "It's not too different from Bing Qian's mortal fire." "Wait …" "It's not too different from how it was before..." He pondered for a moment before repeating the words again. He seemed to have understood something … "Could it be..." Suddenly. A thought flashed through his mind. He had already made up his mind. Condensing Qi into a Finger. A blood-red mortal rank flame lit up. "Go." Ye ZIfeng yelled out. The crimson flame was like an arrow that left the bow as it flew towards the Mysterious rank pill furnace. He mixed in with Liu Bingqian's fire. Everyone calmed down and focused on watching the change in the pill furnace. Liang Dong stuck his head out and said, "It doesn't seem to have changed." After a short period of peace … Suddenly. A flame shot into the sky with a blood-red brilliance. A raging inferno. Spiral flames. It was as if he was alive. Occasionally, it would transform into a flood dragon. Occasionally, it would transform into a fierce tiger. Originally. Liu Bingqian's Fire Martial Spirit. For herself. It was not a big deal. However … Once it merged with someone else's Alchemy Flame … He then began to stack them up. Ye Feng took a deep breath. He said with a smile, "Bing Qian. No wonder the Celestial Sect of Wonders has been so anxious for you to come under her tutelage. I finally understand the reason. Look. "The quality of this fire is constantly improving." "I …" Liu Bingqian smiled happily. This time … She wanted to be modest, but she couldn't. After all. She and Ye Feng were both Common Tier Flames. It's very practical. "Wait …" Bing Qian. "There seems to be some changes." Ye ZIfeng's eyes lit up. Ye Zichen calmed down. He gazed at the Mysterious rank pill furnace before him. Fuse! Fuse! Fuse! Fuse! It was almost as if he could see through the surface of the pill furnace. It was directly roasted into the pill furnace. Suddenly. At the center of the fire … It moved slightly. It was a devilish streak of light. A flash. "Spiritual Grade Flame." Ye Feng and Liu Bingqian looked at each other. said almost in unison.
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