"Spirit Nurturing Pill." "You actually really know how to refine the Spirit Nurturing Pills." Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. Ye Zichen couldn't help but look at Ye Feng in shock. Martial Disciple Stage Pills. For some people … It was not an extravagant medicine. However. This was only true for those who had access to resources. For the majority of the lower echelons of the Celestial Sect like Liang Dong … A single Spirit Nurturing Pill … It was equivalent to half a year of cultivation. It was extremely precious. Visible spot. "Let's go." Let's go. While everyone's attention was on the elixir … "Let's hurry up and flee." Liang Dong regained his senses. He lowered his voice. However, in the next moment … Ye Feng looked at the "immortal pill" in everyone's eyes. He casually tossed it into his own spatial ring. His line of sight … It landed on Liang Dong's body once more. It was just a mere Spirit-Nurturing Pill. It wasn't enough to make Ye Zichen forget. When and what to do. "Liang Dong." The pill room was only so small. Where do you think you're going? Would he be able to escape? Or come over here with me. "Let's have a nice chat." On Ye Feng's face. He put on a bright smile. … …. A miserable howl rang out. Screams. The sound of breaking bones. Persistence... In a pill room that was not considered spacious … All of them. … …. Ye Fang spent half a day to do so. He had finally completed the task of "brainwashing". Liang Dong and the rest of the five. Submissive and submissive, submissive and submissive, submissive, submissive, submissive, submissive, submissive, submissive, submissive, submissive, submissive, submissive, submissive. He didn't even dare to breathe too loudly. After the matter was over … One by one they lay flat on the ground. His eyes were unfocused. It looked like he had gone crazy. Ye Feng stood up. He let out a long breath and said, "The sharpening of the blade does not delay the chopping of firewood. With these five people to work hard. "The efficiency of refining pills can also be improved by a lot." Qing Xuan looked at him dumbfoundedly. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said, "You … Could it be that you … "This is how we treat Adept Baili's Golden Roc." She remembered that day. The golden peng saw Ye Feng. They fled as if they had seen a plague god. He finally found the answer in his heart. "Golden Roc." Ye Feng smiled, "You reminded me of that. This was the best way to deal with the Golden Roc. I haven't even used it on them yet. " "What?" "You still have tricks up your sleeves …" When Liang Dong heard that the other side still had some tricks he hadn't used yet. The gloom in his heart was indescribable. His whole face looked as if it had been stepped on. It was extremely ugly. Who knew … How did Ye Feng make the Golden Roc, who had awakened its martial soul, submit? Some things... It's best never to try to understand. Never try to be curious. Because … It may be a lifetime's shadow. "Don't. Never. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] We have eyes but do not know Tarzan. You have a lot of men. "Please let us go." "You want me to let you off." Ye Feng chuckled. A cold light flashed in his eyes: "Then... When he started to concoct pills … You will never cause trouble again. Do what I tell you to do. "Can you do it?" Liang Dong was slightly stunned. A bad premonition arose in his heart. However, for the sake of his own safety … He nodded quickly. He managed to utter a single word, "Alright." Ye Feng looked at them approvingly, "Alright then. One week later. If he were to hand over ten Spirit-Nurturing Pills … I, Ye Feng, will keep my word. "Naturally, I'll let you go." "One week later. "I have to hand over ten Spirit Nurturing Pills." Liang Dong and the others sucked in a breath of cold air. It's going to be a week. Who would be able to take it? Liang Dong pondered for a moment. He raised his head again. He nervously asked, "Then... "What if I can't hand over the pill?" "I can't give you the pill." Ye Feng looked at him deeply. It was as if they wanted to see into his flesh … An indescribable sense of oppression. Then, his eyes burst out. The pressure in Liang Dong's heart suddenly increased. He licked his lips. He laughed awkwardly, "Alright. "Just pretend I didn't ask." Ye Feng smiled. He withdrew his oppressive aura. Liang Dong's entire body. Only then did he feel slightly better. To be able to breathe. In order to prevent Liang Dong and the others from causing trouble … The best way is... He definitely wasn't trying to persuade them. Instead, they wanted their bodies to remember the lesson. and unify their benefits with Ye Feng's own. This way … He had refined a Spirit Nurturing Pill. and that's what everyone was looking forward to. that no one will ever mess with us again. Seeing this scene … Starlight couldn't help but shake his head. He turned his head to look at Qing Xuan. "Tell me. Just how are we going to deal with Ye Feng? "Being friends." Qing Xuan was stunned. "I … "I don't know either." … …. After joining Liang Dong and the other three. Ye Feng's pill refining team. It suddenly increased to a total of eight people. "Speaking of which … [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Even if you want us to help you refine pills … That would be a waste of effort. "We don't know how to." "That's right." I've grown so much. He hadn't even touched the pill that much. "Not to mention concocting pills …" Liang Dong was also somewhat troubled. "Brother Ye …" None of the brothers would … "Why don't you try forging a pill..." Ye Feng smiled, "I don't know how to concoct pills." "It should be the headquarters for chopping firewood, right?" "What?" Chopping firewood … I, Bai Di, am under the accumulation of clan resources and my own bitter cultivation. He had finally reached the Martial Disciple realm. "Not to chop firewood." Ye Feng looked at Bai Di with a calm smile, "In that case …" "You just won't do it." "I …" When White Deer was glanced at by him … The pride in his heart gradually subsided. In his heart, he was panicking a little. Liang Dong didn't wait for the Baidi to reply. Ye Zichen quickly pulled him away. She gave him a look. "Junior Bai …" What are you talking about? The lesson just now wasn't enough. "Do you want to try again …" Bai Di almost blurted out, "Again! Then what was the point? People would die. Chopping firewood … Right. "I want to chop firewood." Ye Feng smiled and shook his head, "No. It was already too late. The chopping of firewood. I've decided to switch people. " As he spoke … As he said that, he pushed at the other young man in green. "Let's go." "You go chop firewood." The man was pushed. He had also learned to be a little more quick-witted. Nodding his head in acknowledgment. "What about me?" Bai Di was stunned. He could not help but have a bad feeling about this. "Your words … When I get the rest of the work done. What was left? That's yours. " Other people pick out the rest of the work. What else could be good? At the same time, while everyone was laughing in glee … Everyone gathered their energy. He no longer dared to go against Ye Feng's intentions. Because at least this week. They had all survived under Ye Feng's hands. … …. After this arrangement … The originally chaotic situation was now somewhat chaotic. It began to become more and more orderly. to show a sense of order. A woodcutter's chopping wood. A fire that burns. Purification. It could provide spiritual energy. Every one of them has his or her own job. It looked a little messy. Actually, under Ye Feng's arrangement … It had been slightly effective. Qing Xuan and Xing Hui looked at each other. The surprise in his eyes. Overflowing with words. One must know that … Liang Dong and the others. He was originally here to create trouble. Ye Feng was able to turn his enemy into a laborer. He even helped Mo Wuji concoct pills together. This point. It was simply unimaginable. … …. "There's something going on." Not bad. It seemed that the pill this time was the 'Nurturing Spirit Pill'. "It's been successfully refined again." Liang Dong said excitedly. Qu Ol'fourth chuckled, "That's right. Brother Liang. Following this trend … As long as he could refine another seven Spirit-Nurturing Pills … "Then we'll be free." "Don't misunderstand. However, there were still seven Spirit-Nurturing Pills that he needed to concoct. Instead … "Twenty-seven." Ye Wen said with a faint smile. "What?" "Twenty-seven." In Liang Dong's mind: As if he had been struck by a giant bell. "There is a buzzing sound." Such a large number … Not just him. The crowd instantly quieted down. There was a sound of a needle dropping. "In that case … "Do you have thirty sets of ingredients for the Mysterious Cultivating Pills?" "Exactly." Now that things had progressed to this point … He would find out sooner or later anyway … Thus, Ye Feng did not hide it from them. As soon as he said this. It even attracted an uproar. "This …" Liang Dong was dumbstruck as he stared at Ye Feng. The corner of his mouth twitched. Ye Feng looked at Liang Dong meaningfully. Ye Zichen smiled. "Twenty-seven pills. It would just take more time. Furthermore … It is precisely because of the existence of you helpers. I was more confident. to be able to do that in a week. "Refine thirty Spirit Nurturing Pills." If he could only refine seven Spirit-Nurturing Pills … Liang Dong could still accept it. Now, it had suddenly grown to twenty-seven Spirit-Nurturing Pills. This meant that he would be concocting pills on top of the Mysterious rank pill furnace day and night. And so … He couldn't help but smile wryly in his heart. One must know that … He had intended to destroy Ye Feng's pill furnace. But now … Instead, it was him who helped Mo Wuji concoct the pills. Ye Feng seemed to have seen through his thoughts. Ye Zichen laughed and comforted her. "Don't be so dejected... If it could be done in a week … If he could really concoct thirty Spirit-Nurturing Pills … I, Ye Feng, can make the decision. I'll give you three. "How?" "Is that true?" Liang Dong was originally in a deathly silent mood. Suddenly, they started to move again. Compared to the Great Games, which had the possibility of courting death, this convention was much more difficult. The benefits of the Spirit Nurturing Pill … Real. There was almost no need to explain anything. "Haha. I, Ye Feng, will speak. "How could it be fake?" Ye Feng smiled. "Alright then …" Brothers. He gathered his energy. If he could obtain three Spirit-Nurturing Pills … I'll give it to you these days. The two who looked the best. "One per person." Liang Dong laughed. It was obvious that he was interested. Just as the atmosphere in the room was in a good mood … Ye Feng's expression suddenly shook. His smile froze. The expression on his face changed instantly. Qing Xuan was the closest to him. A strange expression flashed across her pretty face, "What's wrong, Ye Feng?" "Did something happen?" "Xue Yi, she …" Within Ye Feng's mind. Just now, he had suddenly received a message from his little sister. Furthermore … This was after the Martial House mission last time. It was the first time that Ye Xue Yi had used this method to contact him. "She and Bing Qian. "Something seems to have happened."
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