Once a spirit plant was freed from the nourishment of the root, it would become extremely hot. It was impossible to survive. Fairy Feng stared blankly at Ye Feng's actions. It was completely unexpected. The other party had actually made a move in front of him. This practice … It was no different from pulling a tooth out of a tiger. The tip of the leaf had been pulled out. And he had even pulled out the "30 pills". "Zi Feng acted recklessly. He didn't know his limits. What offense did he have? I hope that you can forgive me. " "Please forgive me. You want me to forgive you? " Fairy Feng was so angry that her voice began to tremble. He could not utter a complete sentence for a long time. Ye Feng smiled faintly. His expression suddenly became stern. In mid-air. A group of spirit plants extended along the golden line. They flew over from afar. All of them fell into his space ring. His movements … In one breath. Obviously, it had been planned for a long time. Because from the very beginning … He didn't plan to believe in Fairy Feng. He was alone in the Herbs Peak, at least a thousand times. If he were to be so careless in trusting others … That would mean he wasn't confident. He was too arrogant. "Fairy Maiden. The deal had been made. I'll take the thirty medicinal herbs. I will leave behind these five containers of Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao. As a result … There is a clear line between the two of you. "I can leave now, right?" "You …" Hurry up and leave. Could it be … Do you want me to keep you here for dinner? " Fairy Feng's charming face turned cold. He almost blurted out. "Then I will be leaving now." Ye Feng smiled. I don't want to miss anything. He immediately took a step forward. He headed towards the mountain gate. "Hold on." Fairy Feng bit her lips. His face was puffed up with anger. A complex expression flashed across his face. Ye Feng turned his head with a smile, "Fairy. "I wonder if there is anything else I can teach you?" "It is late. You don't have a master. Tonight. "Where are you going to live?" Fairy Feng pursed her lips. Ye Zichen glanced at Ye ZIfeng. Her voice was still cold. There was no emotion in his eyes. Faintly … He could sense a slight fluctuation in the air. Ye Feng had twice rejected her invitation to take in a disciple. For a moment, she was extremely curious about him. And it was because of this that … She did not hesitate to go to the Heavenly Mystery Palace to see Ye Feng. He even released his spiritual will. To check out Ye Feng's performance on the Martial Spirit Awakening Storm. The purpose was to see. What sort of confidence did he have? How dare he refuse her invitation? However, every time … Ye Feng surprised her. As time passed … She faced Ye Feng. There was actually some concern. However … She didn't realize it herself. "Thank you, fairy maiden, for your concern." Before the Bounty Meet began … "I plan to linger on for a few more days at Elder Zhao's place." Fairy Feng muttered to herself before reciting, "So it's because I plan to stay with Sage Zhao … Since you already have a place to stay … Just pretend I didn't say anything. "If not …" Ye Feng smiled calmly. He repeated, "Otherwise... "How is it?" Fairy Feng looked up. I rolled my eyes at him. "Otherwise, it wouldn't be so bad. Okay. Before I change my mind. "Let's hurry up and leave." "Thank you, fairy." Ye Feng smiled. He then started to walk towards the mountain gate. Fairy Feng deeply looked at his fading back. Only after a long time did he let out a sigh. What the hell am I thinking... Between us. "That's it …" … …. Walking out of the mountain gate. Ye Feng walked forward alone. He quickly walked towards Elder Zhao's territory. Spiritshadow's voice sounded. He sighed, "Hai. Little devil … It's not that I'm talking about you. Although the ingredients for this Spirit Nurturing Pill were good … However, the Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao could only be seen once a year. It also had a good effect on nourishing the martial soul. You used all of the Heaven's Path Dark Thunder Vessel on you to exchange for herbs. "This is too lucky, Fairy Feng." "If you don't eat, you will suffer a small loss. How could anyone else be willing to trade with a lowly scholar like me? "What's more..." Ye ZIfeng paused for a moment. The corner of his mouth curled up into a faint smile. He lightly said, "Who said that …" The Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao that I gave to the fairy. is all I have. " "What?" Gui Ying was shocked: "In that case … In your spatial ring. Don't tell me there are still any more heavenly thunders? " "Exactly." In Ye Feng's eyes … A resolute expression flashed across his face. As he spoke … He rubbed the storage ring with his spiritual energy. The glass-like container of the Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao was taken out one by one. There were actually more than ten of them. Lightning flashed. It was incredibly dazzling. "This …" Gui Ying was stunned. He was so shocked that he couldn't speak. "If Fairy Feng were to know about this …" I have to rush over here and skin you. " Ye Feng smiled and shook his head, "Of course she doesn't know. After all. I still have a bottom line. There was no need to use the Dark Thunder. Go take another look at old fogey Mu Yun. " Gui Ying helplessly laughed: "... It seemed like … "You have really thought about it …" … …. When Ye Feng returned to Elder Zhao's residence … It just so happened that a group of people were waiting to enjoy their dinner. In a large room. It was packed. Qing Xuan was bored out of her mind as she played with the bamboo chopsticks in her hands. He looked a little listless. Suddenly. A divine light flashed through her beautiful eyes, "Ye Feng. Come here. Where have you been all day? I have something big to tell you. " As soon as he said this. The actions of half a group of people. All of them froze on the spot. They all put down the plates in their hands. They all raised their heads. Ye Zichen looked at the person. "Ye Feng. Could it be the martial soul awakening storm? The only one who had stepped onto the Supreme Profound Sky Platform. "A person who failed to awaken their Martial Spirit." "Shh …" Speak softly. That Ye Feng was not someone to be trifled with. Even if he didn't have a martial soul … It was the same as usual, letting Elder Brother Golden Roc, who had awakened his Martial Spirit, escape without a fight. He even beat Young Master Hua half to death. According to the doctor … It's not impossible to get out of bed within a month. " "It can't be …" "That Young Master Hua is so miserable." "More than that." You know what? His sister, Ye Xueyi. It seemed that in the martial soul awakening tornado … He had awakened an incredible Martial Spirit. He was about to be groomed by the great master. Who dares to provoke her brother? He was going to pull that guy's tendons. These two siblings … They were both devils that ate people without spitting out their bones. "Let's keep our distance." "Everyone. "All of you, quiet down." The crowd's discussion was getting more and more out of hand. He could not help but let out a cough. Walking forward … "Ye Feng …" That one. What everyone said … You don't have to worry about it. They treat you well. Actually, there wasn't much malice in his words. It was just that … "Just say whatever you want to say." Ye Feng laughed, "I understand." After all, they were all Elder Zhao's disciples. What kind of master would teach what kind of disciple? Elder Zhao was so straightforward. His disciples are mostly outspoken as well. " "If you can understand …" "That would be for the best." Starlight let out a long laugh. Qing Xuan waved from afar: "Senior Brother Xing Hui. So what do you care about what other people think? As for Ye Feng … Come on over here. Let me tell you something big. " Ye Feng smiled calmly. Han Ying Xue asked for Xuan Yi's help. He slowly walked over. and sat down in the seat in front of her. "Just what is going on?" "It's worth it for you to get so excited over." Qing Xuan chuckled softly. Her voice was incomparably melodious. He leaned over. "It's like this … Didn't Master just come back this morning? I don't think it's good to keep him in the dark. I told him. that left you with us. " "Oh." Ye Feng was slightly shocked. He turned around and looked around. He was afraid that Elder Zhao would jump out at any moment. Chase yourself out. "Results... His Master actually agreed to it. He promised you he would stay. Furthermore, he barely thought about it. To agree directly. I thought you had a good relationship with Master. From the looks of it … "My eyesight is indeed correct …" Qing Xuan smiled sweetly. Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. "However … "I'm afraid..." Ye Feng's expression gradually turned serious. In Qing Xuan's beautiful eyes. A look of surprise appeared on his face. "What's wrong?" [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Such a good opportunity … You still want to reject Master? Then. "Go out and live the life of the earth and the sky." "That's not what I meant. He just felt that it was a little strange. Elder Zhao's expression suddenly changed. It was as if he had become a completely different person. I'm not used to it. It looked like … It was as if he wanted something from me. You want me to do something. However, it seemed like … "It doesn't seem like it." Even though it was Ye ZIchen. This time … He was also a bit uncertain. After all. There were too many possibilities. Who would have thought that Elder Zhao would suddenly show such kindness? Or was there a request from Ye Feng? Or maybe he was thinking of something else. All of this … Before the moment of revelation … None of them knew. "Hahahaha..." Have I heard that Ye Feng is here? " A hearty laugh came from outside the door. It was Elder Zhao's voice. "Honorable Master." "Greetings, Master." Elder Zhao rarely came to the disciples' dining area. He didn't know what was going on this time … He had actually come personally … "Yes." Master. " Qing Xuan was also very surprised. He looked deeply at Elder Zhao. Elder Zhao laughed. He waved to the people beside him and said, "Everyone, continue eating. Don't worry about me. I just have two sentences. "I just want to talk about it with Ye Feng." "Elder Zhao, may I ask. "What is it?" In Ye Feng's eyes … Divine light blossomed. He gave Elder Zhao a deep look. Elder Zhao said. Ye Zichen looked towards Ye Zichen's position. "Let's go." "Come out with me and talk." Within a room. People are complicated. And he had ears against the wall. Who knew that there would be some words... Would they be used by someone else? Spread out. to cause a certain amount of impact. Thus … Ye Feng also understood. He then followed Elder Zhao outside. After walking for half a kilometer … Ye Feng suddenly reminded him with a smile. "Elder Zhao. "You should be able to speak about it now." Elder Zhao nodded. His voice gradually grew deeper. "Actually … It's about your sister. " "My sister." The smile on Ye Feng's face. It gradually cooled down. Until serious. Elder Zhao's expression was extremely solemn, "Your sister and Liu Bingqian. I assigned two of my teachers. The cells were cultured separately. This was originally a great opportunity. "However …"
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