"Fairy lady has misunderstood …" The gift from Zi Feng was real. It was also true that he needed medicine. He was asking about the information of the Nine Abyss, of course. "It's just that it's true..." Ye Feng smiled. "True. What you're saying is quite interesting. "Is he trying to fool me?" Within Fairy Feng's eyes … There was a flash of coldness. As the sound of his voice faded … A powerful cyclone exploded around her. An overwhelming pressure pressed down towards Ye Feng. "Do you think I would persuade the maids and disciples to leave? Is it to have a good talk with you. With just you … "He should be qualified to negotiate with a Adept." Her figure was like lightning, shooting towards Ye Feng's location. Her delicate hand swung out a little green light. It pierced straight towards Ye Feng's throat. Ye Feng stood on the spot. He coldly observed her actions. The jade green light lit up in Ye Feng's throat. A drop of blood dripped from his neck. However. Ye ZIfeng did not move. Emerald Ray Force Field. He quickly stopped. "You … Don't tell me … "Aren't you afraid that I'll kill you?" Fairy Feng was startled. She saw that his expression didn't change at all. He couldn't help but feel shocked in his heart. Ye Feng smiled. He raised his hand. The dagger that was placed in his throat. It was gently pushed aside. "Since Zi Feng dares to ascend this Thousand Herbs Peak by himself …" Naturally, he had prepared himself mentally. than I had expected. What the fairy did now. "It is already very gentle." Fairy Feng was surprised. Ye Zichen looked at Ye Feng in shock. "You don't know your place. "They don't even place him in their eyes." Ye Feng smiled, "Of course not. However, Zi Feng knew. Between the real people. The difference was huge. Fairy Feng was different from the others. He knew how to listen to the thoughts of his students. And he knew better. "The benefits of the 'Heavenly God Dark Lightning' for medicinal ingredients …" A compliment. In Fairy Feng's heart … It eased her anger a little. As for the words' Heavenly Thunder '… Involving benefits. It calmed her down again. The Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao was of little use to the other Daoist Masters. To her. However, it had a very deep effect. Fairy Feng looked at this young man in front of her with a thoughtful expression. His expression was incredibly complicated. He slowly withdrew the weapon in his hand. However, the pressure was still there. "The wrath of a Spiritual Master … Zi Feng could not afford it. In case of any offense. "Please forgive me." Ye Feng smiled. Following the other party's might and pressure … Sit down again. "But the problem is … "You are already enduring it." Fairy Feng saw his calm expression. An angry expression involuntarily flashed across her pretty face. If Ye Feng was afraid of the real person … Then he wouldn't have rejected Fairy Feng's offer to take him in as a disciple back then. He wouldn't defy Elder Zhao's wishes either. Furthermore, he wouldn't go and provoke her, Fairy Feng, to her face to face. Ye Feng laughed, "Alright. Let's get back to business. Some information from the Nine Abyss. "I hope Fairy Feng can tell me." "Information …" However … About the matter of the Nine Abyss … I don't know much either. " Fairy Feng said with a heavy tone. Ye Feng laughed softly, "How about this. So, let me ask you three questions. After asking all the questions. I will pass these five Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao to you. As for the goddess … "Just give me thirty sets of ingredients for the Spirit Nurturing Pill." "This …" All sorts of thoughts flashed through Fairy Feng's mind. "If not … Then … I will not disturb the fairy. "He's gone to find Lord Mu Yun." Fairy Feng almost blurted out, "Please don't … "I promise you." As soon as the words left his mouth … She was already regretting her decision. Why didn't Ye ZIfeng give him a chance to react at all? He immediately continued. "Feels good." Ye Wen laughed. In her starry eyes. A bright light flashed. "Then the first question is … This was the hunt for pets in the Nine Abyss. "How should we participate?" Fairy Feng was surprised. The expression on her pretty face suddenly changed. "Didn't you hear what Master Yang said?" Were all Martial Disciples required to attend the convention? "Don't tell me that there is some doubt …" "That's just... It was only the official caliber. I had observed the expressions of Master Yang and the other real people. That shouldn't be the case. And it was a hunting convention. However, all of the Celestial Sect of Wonders' Martial Disciples were allowed to participate. Was this to send most of the people to their deaths? I think. This saying … "It is most likely just a pretense." "A pretence. "Then what do you think is your goal?" Fairy Feng looked at him with interest. The tip of the leaf paused for a moment. Then he smiled and said, "The purpose is to get from the beginning. Those who see the Bounty Convention as child's play. Eliminate them all. If I'm not wrong, It was a real hunting convention. They might even be preparing for the final battle. "The next day is about to begin." When he said the last sentence … His eyes suddenly shot out a beam of divine light. "You …" Fairy Feng looked at him, stunned. It was just as Ye Feng had said. Forcefully forcing all of the Celestial Sect of Wonders' Martial Disciples to participate. [A man who believes in nothing at all.] From the very beginning. you don't have the right to participate. Even this Martial Spirit Awakening Storm. The purpose was also to select some outstanding people. Participating in the Hunting Pet Meet. "Let the strong grow stronger …" so that we can select the best people to do it with. Become the pillar of the Celestial Sect of Wonders in the future. because the resource. is limited. Trust and wait for the sun to shine. who doesn't work from their point of view. Not qualified to succeed. Fairy Feng returned to her senses. She looked at him with slight approval. "Ye Feng. He had no choice but to admit it. Your eyes are very sharp. Not bad. The teacher's words were indeed a pretense. Hunting Competition. A week later. Anyone who could not find out about this … Therefore, he didn't have the qualifications to participate. "They are all considered eliminated." Ye Feng smiled. Ye Zichen nodded. Fairy Feng smiled and shook her head, "It's a pity. The people who were participating in the hunt for pets. Apart from the people recommended by the real person … Only Martial Disciples who had awakened Martial Spirits could do so. Therefore … You're actually … "We no longer have the qualifications to participate." Ye Feng was slightly shocked. In an instant, his face returned to normal. "So that's how it is … Luckily, he had asked Fairy Feng. Otherwise. Even if he was eliminated secretly … I'm still in the dark. Then I began to ask. "The second question concerns the Nine Abyss." "Wait …" Don't you understand what I'm saying? I mean... You are no longer qualified to compete. "Why did you ask the question behind it?" Fairy Feng looked at Ye Feng with a strange expression. A trace of impatience appeared in her beautiful eyes. "Since there is such a thing as being recommended by the Adept …" "Then the competition will be alright." Ye Feng smiled. "What?" Fairy Feng's face revealed a trace of contempt. "Your words are quite simple." You didn't even acknowledge a single master. Which true disciple would let his disciple go without a care? "On the contrary, I'll recommend it to you." "This …" There's no need for Fairy Lin to worry. Second question. It was about the Nine Abyss. "It should be somewhere." Fairy Feng snappily looked at him, "About that …" Although not many people knew about it. However, this was not a secret. It was not far from Heavenly Law City. It was about twenty miles from the east gate. There was a mountain range of nine mountains. "The deep abyss is in this place …" She paused for a moment. He looked at Ye Feng with a profound look, "However. Why do you ask this? Could it be … You still want to leave the city. Would you like to check out the situation over there? I advise you to give up this idea. An outsider like you from Laizhou. Once they left the city in private … The guard won't let you in again. " "Thank you for your kind reminder, fairy." "Zi Feng will remember this in his heart." Ye Feng thought for a while. He smiled again. "You …" Fairy Feng curled her lips. Then he frowned, "Alright. Quickly finish your third question. He then took out the five Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao's containers. "Give me all of them." Ye Feng didn't drag it out either. He immediately smiled and said, "Third question. What I want to ask is. "What is the reward for this session of the Demon Pet Gathering?" "This... "You actually have the heart to ask about the reward." Fairy Feng was incomparably shocked. She had thought that Ye Feng would ask her about the demon beasts in the abyss. Or maybe. There was a hidden danger within the abyss. Who would have thought that … He was indifferent to the safety of his life. Instead, it was to think. What was the final reward? "Are you that confident?" "He will definitely return alive." Ye Feng smiled. No comment. "May I ask for Fairy Lin's explanation?" "All right. I'll tell you anyway. You won't get it either. The reward for this hunt was … Other than the demonic pets that he caught … Top five. It could also be used as an antidote to open the Celestial Gate. Peak Spirit Level Cultivation Technique, Pills, Weapons, Armor, Storage Magic Treasures. "You can choose either one of them." "One of each kind … "This reward is truly generous …" Ye Feng's eyes brightened, "And it sounds like... "This seems to be training the elites." "What do you mean by 'it seems like'?" To be able to stand out among so many people … Wasn't it just an elite? Our Celestial Sect of Wonders has always valued talented people. "The rewards will naturally be generous." Fairy Feng proudly smiled. Then, his gaze returned to Ye Feng. "All right. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] I've finished answering all three questions. It was time. Hand over all five containers of the Dark Heaven Lightning. " Ye Feng smiled, "Zi Feng's words. There was no lie. "But these 30 sets of ingredients for the Spirit Nurturing Pill …" "Isn't it just over there?" Give me the Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao first. Wait a moment. "Just go and get it." He had taken the Dark Thunder. The initiative was in Fairy Feng's hands. At that time, Ye Feng would be completely alone. Was it still up to him? Fairy Feng's thoughts had already been set in stone. He smiled indifferently. He turned around. He pointed to the empty land in the distance. "No need." However. Her gaze was still on him. Ye Feng's King Wind Dagger had already flown out along with her jade-like hand. The golden line swiftly flew a few dozen feet away. It stabbed into the empty ground. A cold light flashed. The flowers and plants danced. The roots of the thirty pills were all cut off... "Ye Feng. "You …" Fairy Feng's eyes widened. He was stunned. "I still prefer this kind of … He would hand over the money in one fell swoop. "A one-on-one delivery."
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