The Blue Polestar was situated in the east, which was extremely far away from the God Realm, and even closer to the east than the God Realm. He had also seen the red star earlier. An earlier outbreak of strange chaos. The first profound beast disturbance started from the east of Blue Wind Nation, and then spread westward at a very slow pace. At first, it only affected the lowest level of profound beast. This situation continued for more than two years, but on that day … It suddenly erupted at full power. Profound Sky Continent, Illusory Demon Realm, and the long since covered Cang Yun Continental, all of the profound beast, from low to high, and then to the rarely seen hidden profound beast which was thousands of years old, were completely in turmoil. Other than Feng Xue'er, he was also using the divine water of life to directly evoke eleven God Profound Man s, which were enough to deal with any kind of profound beast turmoil in this world. Most importantly, with Yun Che's existence, his Light Profound Strength could quickly pacify the violent profound beast and resolve the chaos silently. But... Even with Yun Che's existence, everyone could clearly feel that from that day onwards … The realm of this world had changed. Although the entire continent had only just erupted into chaos when it was suppressed by Yun Che, the roars and ruthless auras of the beasts that shook the world still left a terrifying shadow on the continent. And it was also on that day, that Profound Sky Continent, Illusory Demon Realm, and the distant Cang Yun Continental suddenly swept up an abnormal gust of wind. The wind was sometimes gentle, sometimes manic, sometimes cold, sometimes scorching hot. The direction of the wind was also a mess that defied common sense. It would blow southeast in the first moment, and then suddenly sweep northwest in the next breath … On the second day, a torrential rain suddenly fell on Profound Sky Continent. In a short few hours, it had flooded by three feet … However, the next day, the earth suddenly became scorching hot. The ground that had been submerged by the water the day before began to wither and crack. Every dry scar on the ground seemed as if it was about to spew out flames. On the fourth day, the Profound Sky Northern Sea and the Illusory Demon West Seas surged into the sky as countless sea beasts pounced towards the continent they could never step foot on, while carrying with them extremely violent auras … "Elder Brother Yun, just now, there was another commotion caused by the profound beast. I have to check it out, this time it is most likely another outbreak within the entire territory!" Yun Che, who had received Feng Xue'er's sound transmission, frowned. In the past, every time he cleansed an area of the profound beast from chaos, the concentrated Light Profound Strength would ensure that no more profound beast would appear in this area for at least three months. But at this moment, only a short fifteen days had passed since the last time he cleansed the profound beast from the chaos that had suddenly erupted in the entire nation! He did not leave immediately, but raised his head to look at the eastern sky. During the past few days, the color of the sky kept changing. Sometimes it was blue, sometimes it was dark, sometimes it was yellow, sometimes it was red, and sometimes it flashed with a few bolts of lightning without any warning … The only thing that remained unchanged was the red star in the eastern sky. Whether it was a cloudy sky or a stormy wind, both of them shone brightly in the sky, emanating increasingly terrifying rays of red light. Was it really going to 'explode'? Then what was it? Why was he so fast … Didn't they say that even if it really broke out, it would take a few hundred years, or even a longer future? "Father, did something bad happen again?" Yun Wuxin asked worriedly as he approached. In these few days, the changes in the world's realm were clearly seen by every person and every living creature. Everything had happened so suddenly, so shockingly. Yun Che turned, and said with a relaxed smile: "Mn, another profound beast disturbance happened." "... How strange, "Yun Wuxin also looked towards the sky." What exactly happened these past few days? Master said that it was climate change, but I feel that it is completely unlike him, moreover, there is always an unexplainable unease recently. Mother is also like this, even the Ice Polar Snow's cute Snow Beasts have become very strange. " Yun Che patted her back lightly, and comforted her with a smile: "The weather is indeed a little abnormal, but don't worry, and think about how powerful your father and master are. There are no things that your master and I cannot solve … I'll go settle the profound beast's unrest first, and I'll be back soon, don't worry. " "Yes." Yun Wuxin nodded, but the worry in her eyes did not dissipate. Even though she was only thirteen, under the God of Life, her profound strength had already entered the divine way, and her spirit sense had undergone a tremendous change … How could that kind of strange uneasiness only be a change in the weather? As the space shifted, Yun Che arrived above the Divine Phoenix Country. This place was the same as the Illusory Demon Realm, the surroundings were clearly different from how it was in the past. The entire vast Divine Phoenix City was filled with an uneasy feeling, especially the especially strong fire elements in the air which became extremely violent, exploding in balls of fire in the air from time to time. In the surroundings, the roars of the profound beast were earth-shattering … It was obviously accompanied by the sound of a volcano erupting in the distance. "Master, what's going on?" He Ling's puzzled and worried voice came from the Sky Poison Pearl. Yun Che looked around and said softly, "Elemental Balance … It's been destroyed. " "Ah?" How … How could that be? What did it get destroyed by? " "I don't know." Yun Che said, and this, was precisely the most terrifying thing. The unknown cause was far more terrifying than the collapse of the elemental essence balance. "Perhaps, the most likely reason is the crack at the eastern pole of the Primal Chaos." Yun Che took a glance at the red star, and immediately retracted his gaze: If everything was really caused by the Scarlet Crescent, then what kind of auras was it releasing, to be able to affect the Star Region so far away? Even without exploding, it was already so terrifying. If he were to completely erupt on that day … Just what kind of terrifying calamity would it bring …? A calamity... Yun Che spread open his arms, and a pure Light Profound Strength lit up on his body, as he said in a low voice: "The most likely thing to make the profound beast so furious is that the dark profound aura can stimulate and amplify the negative emotions. What I can do now is to purify it, and try my best to maintain the balance between the elements on this planet. After saying that, the Light Profound Ray s scattered … This time, the Light Profound Ray was denser than ever before. In the current situation, he had no choice but to raise the power of light that he released … Even if it increased the risk of God Realm finding out. What he did not know was that, at this moment, the distant God Realm had also fallen into chaos. Very quickly, after his figure had moved several tens of times, the profound beast riots in the Profound Sky Continent and Illusory Demon Realm calmed down once again. In the end, he made another trip to the Cang Yun Continental to cleanse that place, and also paid a visit to You'er on the way. The three continents had become much quieter, but the sky was still shrouded in a layer of hazy black gas. When he returned to the Profound Sky Continent, it was already the second day. Just as he was about to return to Yun Wuxin's side, he suddenly received a sound transmission from Cang Yue: "A conflict suddenly broke out at the border between Navy Tide and Black Fiend. The reason was very small, and the scale of the conflict was also limited to a few hundred people. Even Domain Lords would not be alarmed, but for some reason, the Imperial Family was alarmed." "What is even more exaggerated is that the Black Evil Country Lord became furious and declared war on the Cang Lan Empire an hour ago. Cang Lan Empire Lord has always been a gentle and hateful person, but he directly accepted the challenge and immediately issued an order for the conscription of troops … " Yun Che: "..." "This is definitely not normal." Cang Yue's voice was heavy. As the Blue Wind Nation's master, she was quite clear about Profound Sky Seven Nations's situation, communication, personality and conduct. She would never tell Yun Che about such a small matter between the seven nations, but this time … It was too strange. "..." Yun Che's brows immediately sank to their lowest point, and then, he said gently, "Don't worry, they won't be able to fight." "Husband, since the profound beast has been in turmoil in recent years, could it be … They are just like the profound beast, are they also affected by some kind of negative influence? " Cang Yue said worriedly. After attaining the divine way because of Life Water, Cang Yue's consciousness could not be compared to before either, so he was able to easily sense that something was out of the ordinary. "Very likely." Yun Che did not deny it and immediately consoled him, "But don't worry. Since I can easily purify the profound beast's chaos, I can naturally also clear their minds. " After putting down the Sound Transmission Jade, Yun Che turned around and headed straight for the borders of Navy Tide and Black Fiend. In the short span of a few days, all his worries had come true. When he arrived at the imperial city of the Cang Lan Empire, as he had expected, the entire imperial city was a mess. Be it the Profound Practitioners or the commoners, all of them felt different degrees of hostility flowing out of their bodies. Other than madmen, regardless of whether it was the Profound Practitioners or the commoners, they would all hate conflict and war. A small border friction caused the royal families to declare war in fury. It was simply ridiculous and laughable. It was even worse than a childish farce between children. However, when Yun Che looked over, countless angry roars could be heard from within Navy Tide Imperial City. They were berating the Black Fiend, responding to the declaration of war, and the passion of the crowd … It even included the vast majority of women and children. It was as if in one night, the Black Evil Country had become an irreconcilable enemy of the Cang Lan Empire. Yun Che had experienced countless ripples in his two lives, but the scene before his eyes still made his heart feel cold. With a wave of his arm, a layer of Light Profound Ray that others would not be able to see silently swept down, enveloping the entire Navy Tide Imperial City. Very quickly, it covered more than half of the Cang Lan Empire Realm. It was the same for the Black Evil Country, as it was exactly the same as the situation in Navy Tide Imperial City. The same Light Profound Ray rained down and enveloped the entire Black Evil Country … Instantly, the hostility in the entire city seemed to be engulfed by a gale, as the angered and savage faces froze and slowed down before becoming bewildered, and even fearful. They couldn't believe what they had just said or thought … It was as if he had been possessed by a devil. The Black Evil Country Lord was sweating all over, as though he had suffered from a serious illness. He suddenly stood up and roared: "Quick! and immediately prepare to send a message to Navy Tide … " Before he could finish his words, a messenger hurriedly came over, "Report! The Navy Tide Imperial Family sent an urgent sound transmission, requesting for reconciliation! " "..." Black Evil Country Lord suddenly felt as if a heavy burden had been lifted as he heavily sat back in his throne. "How could this be …" He Ling, who was born in God Realm, was also frightened of everything that she saw. Yun Che was speechless, his face became extremely gloomy. "As for the God Realm, will they also …" If the God Realm also became like this, then the terror would be unimaginable. "The level of the God Realm's auras is much higher than the lower realm's. The creatures there are also far stronger than the lower realm, so things shouldn't reach such a level," Yun Che said. What kind of auras, which was completely soundless and colorless, could affect the elemental equilibrium of a large portion of Star Region, as well as the state of the souls of countless living creatures? , He Ling … Even to the knowledge of all the expert s in the God Realm, such power definitely did not exist in this world. The Primal Chaos Dimension was constantly changing, constantly balancing itself in the air. In this world where there was no god, the auras s had always been thin and turbid. The current World of Primal Chaos s' auras could not be compared to the primordial Era of the Gods s at all, and it was the difference between the divine and mortal levels. However, a perfect balance had long been formed. However, if the present World of Primal Chaos were to suddenly display a power that was on the level of the Primordial Era …
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